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Wayne County Independent Agricultural Society
Wayne County Independent Agricultural Society
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Wooster Fair To-Day

The Wayne County Independent Agricultural Society begins its first Annual Fair in Wooster to-day (Wednesday), for three days, under the most favorable auspices, and from all indications of popular favor shown, promises to be by far the best display of the resources of the county ever before exhibited in Old Wayne. Andrew Branstetter is the Manager, and has greatly improved the grounds, making them in convenience, neatness and accommodation unsurpassed in this section, sparing no trouble or expense to gratify the public.

Floral Hall, under the decorative hands of ladies of taste, is refreshing to see, being remolded, rearranged, hung with evergreen festoons and other elaborate trimmings, all presenting a fresh appearance and very handsome to view.

Changes have been made all over the grounds. The race track has been put in best of order, and opposite the Judge's stand has been erected a large amphitheater 102 feet long, with comfortable seating capacity for over six hundred people. This is a decided improvement, something needed long ago to make patrons more comfortable and at ease during the racing.

New horse stalls and cattle pens have been built, the old ones repaired and roofed; stumps clear away, an a vast amount of improving work done that will be quickly noticed by attendants of former Fairs.

The supply of water will now be adequate to supply all demands, there being four wells, a superior new one drilled near Agricultural Hall by Wm. Felger, the water of which is purest way flows from between solid rock.

In every manner the Management have done all possible to make the Fair attractive and popular. They have secured excursion rates on the railroad; ten cent back fare to the grounds; and employed the Congress Band to play every day for entertainment of visitors. The Ladies of Trinity M. E. Church and English Lutheran Church have each a Dining Hall on the grounds, where the best of warm meals will be served at lowest rates. Numbers of candy and other stands dot the space, and amusements and exhibitions are offered for the entertainment of all.

Mr. Branstetter and the Managers of each Department are determined to do their best to please and make this Fair the best one held for a long time. Tomorrow will be a great day on the grounds. [1]

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