Wayne County Democrat, Business Abstracts 1893

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Wayne County Democrat Jan. 4, 1893

George and Mougey, great closing sale in Frick Memorial block, W Liberty Street.

Wayne County Democrat Jan. 11, 1893

LB Howard last week bought from Mrs. Cutter, the old Siegenthaler property on E Liberty and N Bever Street, opposite Messmore Eastern Hotel. Clearance sale of boots and shoes at Mrs. Wm Robertson store for the next 30 days at 5 E Liberty Street. Drygoods are very cheap! Come to the bankruptcy sale of dry goods in the Downing block for dress goods and cashmeres. Call and secure bargins at Oberholt, Beebe and Co..

Wayne County Democrat April 1, 1893

Capt. JB Taylor is the new owner of the Harvey Howard property on N Market Street and has taken possession of the same. He paid 7500 for the property a few weeks ago.
We can announce that the B and O Railroad extension of the Cleveland/Wooster and Muskingum Valley is a fact and the road will be built from Millersburg to Wooster with trains running in the early summer. The contract has been signed by the officials of the B and O Railroad Co. and the amount assigned. Hardly to worship to raise over to the proper parties, Millersburg Republican.
DL Freedlander Buffalo Clothing House, W Liberty Street.
Shoes and boots for sale at WH Wiler store, W Liberty Street.
D Nice, hats and caps store.
SC Stern for ladies, misses and children’s ware, Frick block, W Liberty Street.
Hoelzel and Kaltwasser, SE side of the public square.
G Bixler Business College.

Wayne County Democrat Aug. 2, 1893

MF Gravett is publisher of the Wayne County Democrat. Lamuel Jeffries is local editor. Extra copies of the Democrat can be obtained at Miller News Depot opposite the Post Office, also at A Ellsperman on the public square.
Big bargin store! VL Spotts big bargin store is the place to get your lawn mowers, window screens and door screens. See the red sign on the corner room of the Downing block, NE corner of the square.
Sichley, the leading clothier store 1893.

Wayne County Democrat Nov. 13, 1893

Great holiday opening , Thursday, Friday and Saturday Dec. 14, 15, 16th at Obenholser, Gross and Co..

WO Beebe, 4 W Liberty Street next to the corner at Beebe new stand, 4 W Liberty Street for novelties and staples.

WH Shibley store sells watches, clocks and jewelry, 23 E Liberty Street.

Zimmerman and Co. sells drugs and medicines.

Wayne County Democrat Dec. 6, 1893

WO Beebe is your dry goods man, 4 E Liberty Street, second door from the square.

Sichley, the leading clothier on W Liberty Street.

DL Spotts, the big bargin store, NE side of the square, Downing block corner, room mowers.

WH Wiler for boots and shoes on W Liberty Street.

For Sale. The store on E Liberty Street or residence at 100 Spink Street. Apply to AP Babb.

Great clearing sale of the Buffalo One Price Clothing House. Low prices. DL Freedlander, 2 doors E of the Zimmerman Drugstore, W Liberty Street.

Corsets and waists for sale. Millinary and dress making at Downing block, NE side of the public square, Mrs. VF Miller.

Dollar hat and shoe store on W side of the public square. Great sacrifice sale going out of business. Must go within the next 30 days. Sale begins today.

Cleveland Dry Goods Store. SC Stern. Located at W Liberty Street in Frick Memorial block. Storeroom for rent.

Clearance sale of boots and shoes, GB Seigenthaler, 3 W Liberty Street.

Hoelzel and W Kaltwasser, SE side of the square.

Wayne County Democrat Dec. 20, 1893

E Chatelain for watches, clocks and jewelry, SW side of the square.

D Nice on E Liberty Street.

Bryson for novelties and goods.

A Shibley, 10 SE side of the square.