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Genealogy Portal
People Records ↑Up
There are many resources available when researching one's family history. Some of the main areas include Vital Records (Births, Marriages, Deaths), Census Records, Court Records, Biographies and Compiled Genealogies to name a few.
Ellsperman Bertha birth v2 p38.jpg

Births started in Ohio in 1867 and were recorded at the local level. Births were recorded at both the local and state level beginning in December 1908.

Ellis Grace Brown marriage Meroniuk 1973.jpg

Marriages started in Ohio at the time the county was officially established.

Mary Jonathan Robison Divorce1.jpg

Early divorces may be found in Common Pleas Court: Supreme Court Records, in Journals, and in newspapers.

Bengelsdorf Marie Sophia death 1912.jpg

Deaths started in Ohio in 1867 and were recorded at the local level. Deaths were recorded at both the local and state level beginning in December 1908.

Follis Charles 1900USCensus.jpg

The U.S. Census was first taken in 1790. It has been taken every 10 years. The individual details for the 1950 U.S. Census was released April 1, 2022.

Application Letters of Administration.jpg

Early court records include wills, estates, naturalizations, criminal and civil actions, list of jurors, ministers being ordained, international vendors, and much more.

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Use Compiled genealogies with caution. These usually include secondary information and may be correct or incorrect.

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Biographies may be found in newspapers as well as county history books.

Infrastructure ↑Up
Infrastructure focuses on the history of the county, its buildings and property, transportation and much more.
County Histories
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Community and county histories contain information on people and places. You may find information on churches, schools, businesses, early settlers and much more.

Historical Buildings
Whaley homestead green twp.jpg

Many communities have historical buildings, some that have been recognized while others have not.

Fredericksburg Cemetery.jpg

There are more than 230 cemeteries in the county. Many are still in existence while others have not survived the test of time.

Bever to Beall LandDeed v1 p20.jpg

Property records include land deeds as well as taxes. Often, land deeds are the only resource available to researchers that may provide evidence of a parent-child relationship.

Erie Railway Depot WS.jpg

The first train arrived in Wooster, Ohio in 1852. The railway opened opportunities for people to travel longer distances at quicker rates.

Social Entities ↑Up
Genealogy is much more than names, places and events. It is important to understand the social history of a community. Businesses, organizations, churches, schools, and ethnic groups help make up the social aspects of a community. Newspapers include a wealth of information about the community.

In many of the local municipalities, the downtown area was the center of the business industry. As the years went by, businesses set up shop throughout the county.

DA Fundamentalist Assoc 0003.jpg

Organizations have been common throughout history. They provide many services at little or no cost to many. Some have been long lasting while others were in existence for a limited period of time.

Oak Grove ME Church.jpg

When the early settlers started a new community, the first and most important public building to be erected was the church. The church was the hub for many social activities.

Wooster High School.jpg

Education Services has always been very important in Wayne County. In 1878, historian Ben Douglass stated that "Education Services in Wayne county is perhaps as far advanced as in any other county in the State, and that in its progress and development it can challenge comparison with the foremost in Ohio."


Many immigrants to the United States brought traditions, elements of their culture, skills, trade and much more to the United States. Often, they came with very little in their pockets seeking a better life for themselves and their descendants.

Hand Thomas declaration.jpg

From the beginning of our country, our nation has been a melting pot. Immigrants came to Colonial America and the United States to seeking economic opportunities or seeking asylum from religious and/or government persecution.

Shreve armory.jpg

Learn about the individuals who served for the U.S. Armed Services in wars from the Revolutionary War through World War II.

RepublicanWomenVotingTrainers DR27Oct1920 p2.jpeg

Historical newspapers were the "Social Media" of their time. If you want to find out the latest gossip, spend some time reading the news of long ago.

Research ↑Up
There is a growing number of collections becoming available online. The library offers many resources, both local and national to help assist you in your research.
Digital Collection

The number of digital collections becoming available through commercial businesses and non-profit organizations is improving access to valuable documents and information. Wayne County, Ohio digital collections may be found through a variety of websites.

PS 18591860 map.jpg

The library has access to several subscriptions databases. In addition, volunteers and staff have created a number of unique databases for the county.


Our collection includes books on Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Indiana, and West Virginia. In addition, there is a growing collection of family papers and family histories available for visitors to browse.