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Databases and spreadsheets in progress or incomplete, not ready for Wiki

File Wiki
G://Databases/Birth 1800_1870 => Access => Birth (in progress) /Birth 1800_1870
G://Databases/Church/Church Indexes/Apple Creek Presbyterian => Access => Church (Incomplete) /Apple Creek Presbyterian
G://Databases/Divorce/Early_Divorces => Access => Marriage (in progress) /Early_Divorces
G://Databases/Marriage/Marriage Project Total => Excel => Marriage (in progress) /Marriage Project Total
G://Databases/Newspaper Index/NewspaperIndex_DailyRecord => Access => Newspapers (incomplete) /NewspaperIndex_DailyRecord
G://Databases/Property/Land Deed Index 1812-1864 => Access => Property (in progress) /Land Deed Index 1812-1864
G://Databases/Property/Recorder’s Land Deeds1 => Access => Property (incomplete) /Recorder’s Land Deeds1
G://Databases/Property/Recorder’s Land Deeds2 => Access => Property (incomplete)* /Recorder’s Land Deeds2
G://Databases/Property/Recorder’s Land Deeds2_a => Access => Property (incomplete)* /Recorder’s Land Deeds2_a
G://Local History Book Indexes/Clinton Twp Shreve => Access => Township page (incomplete) /Clinton Twp Shreve
G://Local History Book Indexes/Creston History Yellow => Access => Township page (incomplete) /Creston History Yellow
G://Local History Book Indexes/Doylestown History 175th => Access => Township page (incomplete) /Doylestown History 175th
G://Local History Book Indexes/Mount Eaton 1829_1979 => Access => Township page (incomplete) /Mount Eaton 1829_1979
G://Local History Book Indexes/No Place Like Home Shreve => Access => Township page (incomplete) /No Place Like Home Shreve
G://Local History Book Indexes/Picturing the Past => Access => Township page (incomplete) /Picturing the Past

* May be duplicated in some records

Files including JPG/PDF images to be added to galleries on the appropriate pages

File Wiki
G://European Emigration => PDF => Immigration /European Emigration
G://Report_of_Real_Estate_Wooster_1910 => JPG => Property /Report_of_Real_Estate_Wooster_1910

Files including JPG/PDF images not ready to be added to galleries

File Wiki
G://Military/WWII_1942 => PDF => Military (in progress) /WWII_1942

Word Documents to be transferred to Wiki

File Wiki
G://African-American Culture => Ethnicity /African-American Culture
G://Bibliographies => Ethnicity /Bibliographies
G://Ethnic Fair => Ethnicity /Ethnic Fair
G://Ethnic Research Guides => Ethnicity /Ethnic Research Guides
G://Index Pages – Wayne Co, History Binders/Mills History Binders Wayne Co => Businesses /Mills History Binders Wayne Co
G://Schools/Southeast Local Superintendents => Education /Southeast Local Superintendents
G://Projects/Civil War Discharge Records => Military /Civil War Discharge Records
G://Township Notebooks => Township /Township Notebooks

Digitized newspapers

Folder Wiki
G://Digitized Newspaper =>