Wayne County, Ohio Cemeteries

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Cemetery Township Section Status Notes GPS
ACDC (see Apple Creek Development Center) East Union 21, 16, 28 Inactive
Alpa Berry Milton 23 Inactive
Steiner (see Alpha Berry) Milton 23 Inactive
Amstutz (see Alpha Berry) Milton 23 Inactive
Antles, David Green 7 Inactive gone
Apostolic Christian Milton 26 Active
Apple Creek East Union 28 Active
Apple Creek Development Center #1 East Union 21 Inactive
Apple Creek Development Center #2 East Union 16 Inactive
Apple Creek Development Center #3 East Union 28 Inactive
Apple Creek Development Center #4 East Union 28 Inactive
Apple Creek, Old (see Edinburgh) East Union 28 Inactive
Edinburgh East Union 28 Inactive
Arick-Kapp-Gish-Eby-Holzer Green 15 Inactive
Kapp (see Arick-Kapp-Gish-Eby-Holzer) Green 15 Inactive
Gish (see Arick-Kapp-Gish-Eby-Holzer) Green 15 Inactive
Eby (see Arick-Kapp-Gish-Eby-Holzer) Green 15 Inactive
Holzer (see Arick-Kapp-Gish-Eby-Holzer) Green 15 Inactive
Arnold Family Sugar Creek 8 Inactive
Aukerman Congress 22 Inactive
Barton Wayne 9 Inactive
Beaver Hat's Cemetery Killbuck 9 Inactive gone
Beidleman Congress 15 Inactive
Bethel (see Overton Church of God) Chester 13 Active
Bethel Evangelical-Sichley Chester 28 Inactive behind church
Sichley (see Bethel Evangelical-Sichley) Chester 28 Inactive behind church
Bethel Mennonite Sugar Creek 18 Active
Bills Family Clinton 23 Inactive gone
Blachleyville Plain 17 Active No burials bef 1909
Blough-Wiley Milton 30 Inactive gone
Wiley (see Blough-Wiley) Milton 30 Inactive gone
Blough-Blauch Milton 27 Inactive
Blauch (see Blough-Blauch) Milton 27 Inactive
Bott-Simon East Union 27 Inactive gone
Simon (see Bott-Simon) East Union 27 Inactive gone
Boydston-Bodine East Union 4 Inactive
Bodine (see Boydston-Bodine) East Union 4 Inactive
Brother Newcomer's Chapel Chippewa 5
Brown Family Clinton 21 Inactive
Brown-Newkirk Clinton 13 Inactive gone
Burbank Congress 1 Active
Canaan Bend Canaan 3 Inactive
Canaan Center Canaan 21 Active
Canaan Lutheran Canaan 21 Active
Carr East Union 12
Centerville-Stuckeytown Clinton 22 Inactive
Stuckeytown (see Centerville-Stuckeytown) Clinton 22 Inactive
Chenevey Wooster 1 Inactive
Chester Corners Chester 22 Inactive gone
Chester Mennonite Chester 21 Active
Chestnut Hill, Doylestown Chippewa 3 Active
Church of God in Christ Mennonite East Union 25
Chippewa Church of the Brethren Milton 30
Christian Mennonite Assembly Salt Creek 19
Clark Family Congress 24 Inactive 1 stone
Collier Chippewa 13 Inactive
Congress Congress 21 Active
Congress Township Congress 21 Inactive
Conrad Baughman 7 Inactive
County Line Mennonite Baughman 36 Inactive
Cramer-Lehr-Bollinger Chester 13 Inactive 1 stone
Lehr (see Cramer-Lehr-Bollinger) Chester 13 Inactive 1 stone
Crites-Stutzman Green 10
Stutzman (see Crites-Stutzman) Green 10
Crown Hill, Orrville Green 23 Active
Crown Hill Mennonite Milton 25 Active
Crown Hill, Sterling-Union Milton 17 Active
Union (see Crown Hill, Sterling-Union) Milton 17 Active
Dalton Sugar Creek 10 Active
Dalton Union Sugar Creek 10 Inactive
Day-Oliver East Union 11 Inactive
Oliver (see Day-Oliver) East Union 11 Inactive
Doylestown Lutheran Chippewa 10 Active gone
Doylestown Methodist Chippewa 10 Inactive gone
Doylestown Presbyterian Chippewa 10 Inactive gone
East Chippewa Brethren Green 2 Active
East Union Lutheran, Honeytown East Union 6 Active
East Union Mennonite East Union 11
Easton Chippewa 17 Active
Early Plain Lutheran Plain 14 Inactive stones moved to Plain Lutheran Cemetery
Early Presbyterian Killbuck 9 (lot 62) Inactive stones moved to Wooster Cemetery
Eight Square Mennonite Chester 16 Active
Emanuel United Church of Christ-High Church Chippewa 3 Active
High Church (see Emanuel United Church of Christ-High Church) Chippewa 3 Active
Erb (see Troyer, Eli) East Union 10 Active Amish
Eshbaugh, David Milton 11 Inactive gone
Ewing Congress 25 Inactive Winston Wyckoff Farm
Fairhaven Chester 6 Active
Fairlawn Mennonite East Union 34 Active
Fairview Clinton 6 Active
Fike Plain 5 Inactive
First Clinton Township Burial Clinton 24 Inactive gone, Mr. Thompson
First Green Township Burial Green 4 Inactive gone, Christian Bartschie
First Shreve Cemetery Clinton 12 Inactive stones moved to Oak Grove, Shreve
Flickinger-Kieffer-Howey Milton 35 Inactive
Kieffer (see Flickinger-Kieffer-Howey) Milton 35 Inactive
Howey (see Flickinger-Kieffer-Howey) Milton 35 Inactive
Fountain Hill-Dunkard East Union 2 Inactive
Dunkard (see Fountain Hill-Dunkard) East Union 2 Inactive
Fredericksburg East Salt Creek 19 Active
Fredericksburg West Salt Creek 19 Active
Fredericksburg West, Old Salt Creek 19 Inactive
Gallagher Settlement Baughman 25 Inactive
Geitgey Chester unknown Inactive no further information
German Lutheran Killbuck 9 Inactive stone removed early 1950s
Geyer's Chapel Wayne 11 Active
Golden Corners Canaan 30 Inactive gone
Hazzard Congress 12 (range 15) Active
Hershberger, Andy Paint 19 Active Amish
Hershberger, Eli-Gingerich Salt Creek 11 Active Amish
Gingerich (see Hershberger, Eli) Sugar Creek 11 Active Amish
Hershberger, Levi Sugar Creek 35 Active Amish
Hershberger, Wayne-Helmuth Salt Creek 21 Active
Helmuth (see Hershberger, Wayne-Helmuth) Salt Creek 21 Active
High Church (See Emmanuel United Church of Christ) Chippewa 3 Active
Hiner Plain 4 Inactive gone
Hoover-Swagler-Clayton Milton 13 Active
Swagler (see Hoover-Swagler-Clayton) Milton 13 Active
Clayton (see Hoover-Swagler-Clayton) Milton 13 Active
Hope Community Church Paint 24 Active
Howey Congress 4 Inactive gone
Jackson Presbyterian Canaan 14 Active
Jacob's German Lutheran-Herman Franklin 35 Inactive
Herman (see Jacob's German Lutheran-Herman) Franklin 35 Inactive
Jefferson Evangelical Plain 2 Active
Jericho Sugar Creek 32 Inactive
Keim-Kime-Repp Congress 3 Inactive
Kime (see Keim-Kime-Repp) Congress 3 Inactive
Repp (see Keim-Kime-Repp) Congress 3 Inactive
Kettering Sugar Creek 24 Inactive Gerber Farm
Kidron Mennonite Sugar Creek 30 Active
Kinsey Canaan 17 Inactive
Knupp's Church Milton 10 Active
Old Rittman (see Knupp's Church) Milton 10 Active
Kope-Kopp Canaan 33 Active
Knight-Minot-Wilson Clinton 13 Inactive gone
Minot (see Knight-Minot-Wilson) Clinton 13 Inactive gone
Wilson (see Knight-Minot-Wilson) Clinton 13 Inactive gone
Kopp (see Kope-Kopp) Canaan 33 Active
Lake Clinton 18 Inactive
Brown (see Lee-Brown) Clinton 21 Inactive gone
Lehman-Long Wayne 4 Inactive gone
Long (see Lehman-Long) Wayne 4 Inactive gone
Lilley Sugar Creek 13 Active
Lockhart-Moore Franklin 18 Inactive
Moore (see Lockhart-Moore) Franklin 18 Inactive
Lower (see St. Michael's Lutheran & Mennonite Baughman 3 Active
Lytle Green 2 Inactive
Lucas Chester 12 Inactive
Madisonburg Wayne 15 Inactive
Maize-Branch-Valley College Wooster 30 Inactive
Branch (see Maize-Branch-Valley College) Wooster 30 Inactive
Valley College (see Maize-Branch-Valley College) Wooster 30 Inactive
Manley-Walnut Grove Clinton 16 Inactive
Walnut Grove (see Manley-Walnut Grove) Clinton 16 Inactive
Maple Grove, East End (see Maple Grove, Marshallville) Chippewa 33 Active
Maple Grove, Marshallville Chippewa 33 Active old, new parts
Maple Grove Methodist Plain 27 Active
Maple Mound, Creston Canaan 2 Active
Marshallville Catholic Baughman 5 Inactive
Marshallville Lutheran & Presbyterian Baughman 5 Inactive
Martin's Mennonite Baughman 32 Active
Mellinger Wooster 10 Inactive gone
Millbrook Clinton 1 Inactive
Miller East Union 26 Inactive gone
Miller Franklin 3 Inactive gone, James Clark Farm
Miller Franklin 10 Inactive James Hoffman Farm
Miller Franklin 23s Inactive Art Oplinger Farm
Miller Wayne 33 Inactive
Miller-Neidigh-Stair Plain 8 Inactive
Neidigh (see Miller-Neidigh-Stair) Plain 8 Inactive
Stair (see Miller-Neidigh-Stair) Plain 8 Inactive
Miller-Wagner-Hilltop Congress 36 Inactive
Wagner (see Miller-Wagner-Hilltop) Congress 36 Inactive
Hilltop (see Miller-Wagner-Hilltop) Congress 36 Inactive
Miller, Joe U Farm East Union 27 Active Amish
Miller, John A Salt Creek 22 Active Amish
Miller, Ken Plain 26 Active gone
Miller, Menno Paint 13 Active Amish
Miller, Peter A Salt Creek 15 Active Amish
Miller, Roman Paint 15 Active Amish
Miller, Roy A Paint 21 Active Amish
Miller, William Salt Creek 2 Active Amish
Mock-Cully Sugar Creek 13 Inactive Ralph Withrich Farm
Cully (see Mock-Cully) Sugar Creek 13 Inactive Ralph Withrich Farm
Mohican Church of the Brethren Chester 6 Active
Monest Cemetery of Swiss Pioneers Green 11 Inactive
Moore, William Salt Creek 20 Inactive gone
Moreland-Morrland Franklin 4 Active
Morrland (see Moreland-Morrland) Franklin 4 Active
Morgan-Butler Franklin 20 Inactive
Butler (see Morgan-Butler) Franklin 20 Inactive
Mt. Eaton French & German Paint in town Inactive
Mt. Eaton Lutheran Paint 15 Active
Mt. Eaton Old German Lutheran Paint in town Inactive
Mt. Easton-Musselman Paint 9 Inactive gone
Musselman (see Mt. Eaton-Musselman) Paint 9 Inactive gone
Mt. Easton Presbyterian Paint 15 Inactive gone
Mt. Eaton St. Paul's Church Paint 10 Inactive gone
Mt. Easton Village Paint 10 Inactive in rear of West Lawn
Mt. Eaton West Lawn Paint 10 Active
Mt. Zion Milton 29 Active
Myers-Bald Knob Congress 24 Inactive
Bald Knob (see Myers-Bald Knob) Congress 24 Inactive
New Life Chapel Sugar Creek 24 Active
New Pittsburg-Rice Chester 25 Active
Rice (see New Pittsburg-Rice) Chester 25 Active
Newkirk Clinton 18 Active
Non Pareil-Poorman-Franks Franklin 11 Inactive
Poorman (see Non Pareil-Poorman-Franks Franklin 11 Inactive
Franks (see Non Pareil-Poorman-Franks Franklin 11 Inactive
Oak Grove, Shreve Clinton 13 Active
Oak Grove Mennonite Green 21 Active
Old Apple Creek Presbyterian-Edinburgh East Union 28 Active
Edinburgh (see Old Apple Creek Presbyterian-Edinburgh) East Union 28 Active
Old Associates-Pine Hill Salt Creek 19 Inactive
Pine Hill (see Old Associates-Pine Hill) Salt Creek 19 Inactive
Old Canaan Center Canaan 22 Inactive gone
Old Dutch Reformed Congress 33 Inactive
Old Orrville, Lutheran Baughman 30 Inactive
Old Orrville Green 17 Inactive gone
Old Pleasant Valley (see Pleasant Valley) Sugar Creek 24 Inactive gone
Old West Salem Congress 12 (range 15) Inactive gone
Orr's (see Old Orrville) Baughman 30 Inactive
Old Presbyterian (see Smithville-Old Presbyterian) Green 17 Inactive
Old St. Mary's Catholic Killbuck 9 Inactive gone
Old Wooster City Killbuck 4 Inactive gone
Overton Church of God Chester 13 Active
Paradise Church of the Brethren Green 28 Active
Park-Burns Congress 4 Inactive
Burns (see Parks-Burns) Congress 4 Inactive
Patton Baughman 1 Inactive
Perrine-Caskey Wayne 10 Inactive
Caskey (see Perrine-Caskey) Wayne 10 Inactive
Pioneer Troxel Plain 17 Inactive gone
Pioneer McConkey Clinton 22 Inactive
Plain Lutheran Plain 23 Active
Plank-President's Wayne 34 Inactive Amish
President's (see Plank-President's) Wayne 34 Inactive Amish
Pleasant Hill Baptist & Mennonite Milton 33 Active
Pleasant Valley Sugar Creek 24 Inactive gone
Pleasant View-Yankeetown Plain 13 Active
Yankeetown (see Pleasant View-Yankeetown) Plain 13 Active
Price Wayne 34 Inactive gone
Ramsey #1 East Union 20 Inactive gone
Ramsey #2 East Union 10, 15 Inactive gone
Rathbun Plain 3 Inactive gone
Reedsburg Plain 6 Active
Richwine East Union 5 Inactive gone
Rickel Congress 26 (range 15) Inactive in Ashland Co
Rittman, new part Milton 10 Active
Rumbaugh-Moyer Chester 9 Inactive
Moyer (see Rumbaugh-Moyer) Chester 9 Inactive
Salem Lutheran-Lehman's Wayne 15 Active
Lehman's (see Salem Lutheran-Lehman's Wayne 15 Active
Salem Mennonite-Maple Grove Green 29 Active
Maple Grove (see Salem Mennonite-Maple Grove) Green 29 Active
Salem Mennonite Sugar Creek 20 Active
Schmuch's Evangelical Church Franklin 23n Inactive gone
Scott-Bunker Hill Salt Creek 22 Inactive Amish
Bunker Hill (see Scott-Bunker Hill) Salt Creek 22 Inactive Amish
Sharon Sugar Creek 5 Inactive gone
Sherwood Memorial Garden Wayne 10 Active
Shetler-Bennie Congress 22 Active Amish
Bennie (see Shetler-Bennie) Congress 22 Active Amish
Shinersburg-Fritz-Pioneer Milton 1 Inactive
Fritz (see Shinersburg-Fritz-Pioneer) Milton 1 Inactive
Pioneer (see Shinersburg-Fritz-Pioneer) Milton 1 Inactive
Shoemaker Canaan 26 Inactive gone
Slabach, Andy C Paint 18 Active Amish
Slabaugh, Andy C (see Slabach, Andy C) Paint 18 Active Amish
Smithville Green 17 active
Smithville Mennonite Green 9 active
Smithville-Old Lutheran-Old Middle Green 17 Inactive
Old Middle (see Smithville-Old Lutheran-Old Middle) Green 17 Inactive
Old Lutheran (see Smithville-Old Lutheran-Old Middle) Green 17 Inactive
Smithville-Old Presbyterian Green 17 Inactive
Smithville-Old Winebrennerian Green 17 Inactive
Sonnenberg Mennonite Sugar Creek 21 Active
Sonnenberg Pioneer Sugar Creek 21 Inactive
Spreng Clinton 12 Inactive gone
St. Ann's Catholic Milton 16 Active
St. Mary's Catholic Wooster 15 Active
St. Michael's Lutheran & Mennonite Baughman 3 Active
St. Peter & Paul Chippewa 10 Active
Spink Street Killbuck 3 Inactive gone
Stanley Congress 23 Inactive
Stauffer Family East Union 5] Inactive
Steele-Sommer-Speicher Green 30 Inactive
Sommer (see Steele-Sommers-Speicher) Green 30 Inactive
Speicher (see Steele-Sommers-Speicher) Green 30 Inactive
Steiner Wayne 12 Inactive gone
Stickler Chippewa unknown Inactive gone
Stratton Canaan 17 Inactive gone
Stutzman, Noah-Petersheim Salt Creek 24 Active Amish
Petersheim (see Stutzman, Noah-Petersheim) Salt Creek 24 Active Amish
Sugar Creek Township Sugar Creek 35 Inactive
Summers Canaan 20 Inactive gone
Thompson Franklin 23s Inactive gone
Thompson Salt Creek 17 Inactive
Tracey's Corners Salt Creek 9 Inactive gone
Tracy-Sharp-Red Run East Union 35 Inactive
Sharp (see Tracy-Sharp-Red Run) East Union 35 Inactive
Red Run (see Tracy-Sharp-Red Run) East Union 35 Inactive
Trinity English Lutheran Franklin 35 Inactive
Troxel-Rittenhouse Plain 8 Inactive
Rittenhouse (see Troxel-Rittenhouse) Plain 8 Inactive
Troyer, Aaron East Union 24 Active Amish
Troyer, Aden Salt Creek 9 Active Amish
Troyer, Eli-Erb East Union 10 Active Amish
Union Green 28 Inactive
Van Cleve-Kessler Congress 17 Inactive
Kessler (see Van Cleve-Kessler) Congress 17 Inactive
Van Kirk-Johnson-Jones Baughman 32 Inactive
Johnson (see Van Kirk-Johnson-Jones) Baughman 32 Inactive
Jones (see Van Kirk-Johnson-Jones) Baughman 32 Inactive
Warner Congress 31 Inactive
Warner-Jones Wooster 7 Inactive gone
Jones (see Warner-Jones) Wooster 7 Inactive gone
Warner Pioneer Wooster 6 Inactive
Warnes-Childs Clinton 12 Inactive gone
Childs (see Warnes-Childs) Clinton 12 Inactive gone
Waxler, Michael Paint 12 Inactive gone
Wayne County Home Wooster 12 Active
Wayne Presbyterian Wayne 8 Active
Weaver East Union 7 Inactive
Well-Lewis Canaan 13 Inactive gone
Lewis (see Wells-Lewis) Canaan 13 Inactive gone
Rittenhouse (see Weltmer Evangelical-Rittenhouse) Plain 22 Inactive
Wengerd-Henry Sugar Creek 34 Active Amish
Henry (see Wengerd-Henry) Sugar Creek 34 Active Amish
West Lebanon Lutheran Paint 1 Inactive
West Lebanon Union Paint 2 Inactive
West Salem Congress 7 Active
Willford, Joseph Green 35 Inactive gone
Willford, William Sugar Creek 6 Inactive gone
Wolf, Captain Congress 24 (range 15) Inactive gone
Wooster Cemetery Killbuck 9, 10,15, 16 Active
Wooster Old Associates Wooster 9 Inactive gone
Wooster-Oak Hill (see Wooster) Wooster 9, 10, 15, 16 Active
Oak Hill (see Wooster-Oak Hill) Wooster 9, 10, 15, 16 Active
Wooster German Lutheran Killbuck 9 Inactive gone
Yocum Congress 27 Inactive
Yoder, Dan B. Salt Creek 21 Active Amish
Yoder, Jacob Paint 17 Active Amish
Yoder, Joe East Union 36 Active Amish
Yoder, Simon Salt Creek 10 Active Amish
Yost-St. Joseph's Congress 13 Active
St. Joseph's (see Yost-St. Joseph's) Congress 13 Active
Zook, Joe Paint 4 Active Amish