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  • Washington Irvin McGlenen
  • Irv
  • 24 May 1855
  • Creston, Ohio
  • 17 February 1946
  • Interurban Depot, Ticket Agent ()
  • Electric company ()
  • Mayor of Creston (Village of Creston)
  • Electric Line, Agent ()
  • Richard McGlenen ()
  • Sarah Albert ()
  • Altina M. Caskey ()
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"Irv", as he was commonly called by most of the people in town. Some called him "Mac"... I remember him as the ticket agent for the Cleveland and South Western street cars. It was for many years locate din the building which was torn away to make an addition to the Stebbins Bank.

"Mac" loved flowers and people! He could not stand to see a piece of land grown up in weeds, if flowers could grow there. -- So he would buy geraniums and whatever was available in May and have them planted by the time of Memorial Day. He was often seen early in the morning with a sprinkling can full of water, going around giving his flowers a drink. He said he wanted the town to look pretty on "Decoration Day". Many times he was seen planting geraniums on the graves of someone who had no family left to care for them. The little park on Main Street directly north of the Wheeling-Lake Erie railroad would probably be a rubbish pike if it had not been for Irv's constant care of it as long as he was able.

His love for people could be illustrated by many stories of how he would help some young person who needed encouragement or even a trip to Wooster without a cent for transportation.

He was elected Mayor of the town several times and while serving and performing his Civic duties, he was also know as a "father" figure to whom young people could go for advice. He was a long time Mason and supported the lodge as long as he could. In his last few years, he clerked for Paul Matteson in the Drug Store. In this position, he was able to see some of his old friends from time to time and he did not feel that he was isolated from the town he loved. [1]

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