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  • Warden M. Wheeler
  • 23 November 1833
    Zanesville, Ohio
  • 31 January 1915
    Creston, Ohio
  • Wooster, Ohio
  • Eleanor Wheeler ()
  • Benjamin Wheeler ()
  • Mary B. Smith ()

Mr. Wheeler, our first mayor is given considerable space in Bowens "Wayne Co. Biographical History", so I won't take time or space here to give detailed account of his life and accomplishments.

His beautiful home still stands, on the southeast corner of Sterling and N. Main St. in Creston, which is now owned and occupied by the Parker family. Mrs. Wheeler was not a person who was well known in the village, but she was a member of the Creston Presbyterian Church and did attend a ladies Bible Class. once when she had entertained the ladies at her home-one of them was heard to say-- "There is carpet in every room", Also, the ladies were quite impresse4d bby the facts that Mrs. Wheeler had a cook!

Now Mr. Wheeler had been a man who circulated around the state both in politics and business... Many people of Creston did not know of his business, which might have been railroad or iron or steel companies. As for politics, he was exceptionally reticent to even talk about his interests. It was known that he was a Republican, but many people did not know that he was so closely tied to the old G. O. P.

This little incident will tell more of his quiet activity in the political field. One winter morning in about 1898 or 1899, my father was going to work, carrying his dinner pail and he noted that the fast B & O train had stopped at the cross- stopped quickly and as quickly pulled away. It was out-bound. When the crossing was cleared, Captain Wheeler and two or three other men were standing there. Mr. Wheeler noticed my father and turned and said, "Well, Leo what are you doing out this early?"

Dad said, "Well, how are you? It's pretty early for you to be out. How about that train? Do you know why it stopped?"

Mr. Wheeler answered-- "I just put the Major on the train for Washington."

Dad was astounded and said, "Why, where was he last night?" Mr. Wheeler said that the Major had one of his men stayed at his house and the other two at the Arcade Hotel (Creston, Ohio).

Mr. Wheeler patted Dan on the back adn said-- "Don't say anything about this since that episode, it was rumored that the "Major" had done this before-- on his from Chicago to Washington or vice-versa. The "Major", of course was President McKinley, who was one of Mr. Wheelers best friends and companion during the war and had kept up a close relationship ever after. [1]

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