Veterans of Wayne County, Ohio, 19th Century

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War of 1812

Wayne County Pensioners, War of 1812

This list of soldiers may be found in Ben Douglass' History of Wayne County, Ohio on page 760. Douglass indicates this list is from records found in Columbus, Ohio.

Last Name First Name Town
Achenbach John Moreland
Bulger, (widow) Rachel Fredericksburg
Crummel| Crummel John Apple Creek
Espy Jacob B. Wooster
Fike Henry Smithville
First, (widow) Catharine Apple Creek
Johnson William Wooster
Jones Sylvanus Wooster
Kenney Simon Canaan
Ludwig John Reedsburg
McFadden James Cedar Valley
Messmore George Apple Creek
Pittinger Thomas Lattasburg
Potter Benjamin Millbrook
Rieder Daniel Koch's
Starner Henry Wooster

Other Soldiers from the War of 1812 have been listed throughout the History of Wayne County, Ohio by Ben Douglass:

Last Name First Name Page
Armstrong Thomas 779
Beall Reasin 323
Folgate John 646
Frederick Thomas 854
Johnston, Sr. Matthew 565
McClarran Robert 309
Pittinger Thomas 225
Piper John 839
Robison, Sr. David 730
Smurr Elias 566

Mexican-American War Volunteers

The following list may be found in Douglass' History of Wayne County, Ohio. [1]

Last Name First Name Age Rank
Moore D. 28 Captain
Burkett P. 38 1st Lieutenant
McMillen J. 23 2nd Lieutenant
Botsford Eli Sergeant-Major
Emerson R. D. 22 Private
Lloyd John 23 Private
Craig John 30 Private
Wickey Daniel 26 Private
Ryan Jacob 21 Private
Rambaugh J. B. 24 Private
Fleckinger Jacob 24 Private
Geyer Henry 19 Private
Thompson Robert 26 Private
Stanley Wilson M. 18 Private
Richard George 24 Private
Carpenter Isaac 18 Private
Taylor Thomas 18 Private
Freeman James A. 27 Private
Culbertson Eli B. 23 Private
Stall Jacob 22 Private
Yergen John 36 Private
Chafee Amos 30 Private
Case Nathaniel 19 Private
Fritts Uriah 21 Private
Wood Charles B. 22 Private
Rouse Duayane W. 20 Private
Brainard John F. 29 Private
Merrit John 19 Private
Shelden Jiles 19 Private
Harris Terry 18 Private
Duck Daniel 19 Private
Strunk William 19 Private
Jenkins George 19 Private
Stouffer William H. 19 Private
Marsh Joseph 22 Private
Plumer J. C. 23 Private
Armstrong James 22 Private
Rice Frederick 20 Private
Galvin Barney 23 Private
Fishburn Howard 22 Private
Bower Wilson 20 Private
Hawk Michael H. 25 Private
Flanagan John O. 22 Private
Stanley Homer 28 Private
Bair Jacob 23 Private
Crawford James 20 Private
Atkinson William C. 23 Private
Barrett Charles 20 Private
Reigley Jr. George 30 Private
Boyd William 35 Private
Craven Robert 36 Private
Hess Jesse 21 Private
Tweeig J. E. 25 Private
Bowers Abraham 24 Private
Honn John 22 Private
Coy Josiah F. 21 Private
Crouse Jacob M. 26 Private
Atkins L. C. 23 Private
Moses William 18 Private
Sample John 19 Private
Corretson Alexander 24 Private
Fritts Samuel 22 Private
Beach Elijah 26 Private
Lowry Robert B. 33 Private
Goliff Andrew 18 Private
Snyder Michael 29 Private
Powers Almon H. 22 Private
Deviney William 24 Private
Lowry James A. 20 Private
Hemperly M. H. 32 Private
Leach John 23 Private
Grow William 33 Private
Leach John 23 Private
Wachtel George 20 Private
Dye James R. 18 Private
Stavig Abram 19 Private
Blakely Albin 20 Private
Sheeters Oswald 21 Private
Fritzinger George 21 Private
McCollum Cyrus J. 20 Private
Joliff Abraham 25 Private
Edmonds A. C. 19 Private
Baits David F. 21 Private
Cooper F. M. 22 Private
Vannostren W. V. 22 Private

Civil War

Spanish-American Original Muster Roll

This list comes from Bowen's History of Wayne County, Ohio [2]

Company D

Last Name First Name Rank
Gerlach Frank C. Captain
Barnard William E. 1st Lieutenant
Unger Gustave W. 2nd Lieutenant
Conrad W. A. Artificer
Drushal David H. Musician
Heater Charles A. Musician
Naftzger Lloyd A. Wagoner
Eaby Harry P. Sergeant
Limb George S. Sergeant
Gasche Louis E. Sergeant
Horn Franklin B. Sergeant
Miller Horace W. Sergeant
Horn Webster D. Corporal
Scott Charles R. Corporal
Swartz George M. Corporal
Woolman Harry D. Corporal
Barnes John R. Private
Barnhart Charles W. Private
Baughman William H. Private
Blake George Private
Boyd William H. Private
Braustetter Harry P. Private
Brown George W. Private
Brown Thomas P. Private
Burg George Private
Cameron Nathaniel C. Private
Christine Louis W. Private
Clark Jerome E. Private
Clay Alvin B. Private
Conrad Edward D. Private
Critchfield Lyman, Jr. Private
Cumberland Charles E. Private
Cumberlan LaVerne C. Private
Curry Will R. Private
Dice Arch H. Private
Frazier Charles W. Private
Funk Sterling R. Private
Glen Joseph S. Private
Gravath Quintin W. Private
Greist James E. Private
Grossenbach Cary W. Private
Hughes William H. Private
Johnson Merton R. Private
Jolliff Harvey F. Private
Kinkler Harry Private
Langell Clement Private
Laufzenheiser Irvin Private
Laufzenheiser Perrine Private
Leopold Frederick J. Private
Lerch William G. Private
Mahaney Edward Private
Maize Percy M. Private
McKinney Charles H. Private
McKinney Frederick S. Private
Miller Harry C. Private
Oltmanns Antoin Private
Reider Edmond S. Private
Schurch Fred A. Private
Schuck William Private
Stevens Thomas R. Private
Stotsbery William A. Private
Unger Charles E. Private
Webb Charles B. Private
Winebrenner Calvin A. Private
Yoder Ephraim Private


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