Utilities Sector Summary

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Modern homes with running water, heat, and light are something we take for granted now, but when did Wayne County develop these now-commonplace infrastructures?

The first water works was established in Wooster on 13 May 1811. Water was piped into Wooster from 1815 to 1829.

On 14 May 1874 civil engineers constructed a reservoir for the safety of the town of Wooster. A natural spring located on Mr. Reddick's property just north of town was dammed. This served until the Apple Creek pumping station was placed in operation in 1907.

On 14 January 1857, the Wooster Gas Light Company was formed. Natural gas was first introduced in Wooster in 1905.

On 5 March 1886, Schuyler Electric Lighting Company of New York City was granted permission to establish electric lights in the city of Wooster.