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Newspaper articles
Organization name Wooster Brush Company, The
Article title Brush Works Let Contract: Large Factory to be Completed in Jue-- Largest Brush Works in the World
Series title
Date of publication 1909/03/03
Newspaper title Wayne County Democrat
Newspaper section
Page number 1
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Page 1 of Wayne County Democrat,published in Wooster, Ohio on Wednesday, March 3rd, 1909.jpeg

The Wooster Brush Works, Walter D. Foss & Sons Co., let the contract Monday to Wm. H. Long, for the erection of their new Brush Factory, at the intersection of Madison Ave., and the Pennsylvania Ry. Co. The main building will be 70 feet wide by 200 feet long, of brick and cement, three stories, slow burning construction, with a heating and powder plant at the rear, 25 feet x 70 feet, one story. They will have their own railroad, side track, from the main line of the Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Ry. A Sprinkler System for fire protection will be installed-- the elevated gravity tank for same, 16 feet in diameter by 20 feet in height, with a capacity of over twenty five thousand gallons, and weighing, when full of water, over one hundred thousand pounds. will be placed on top of the elevator shaft, the bottom of tank will be twenty feet higher than the highest sprinkler head. This modern fire protection, it is expected, will reduce their insurance rate about 60 to 65 per cent. The contract calls for the completion of the factory by June first. Work benches, will be provided at present for two hundred employees, and with these increased facilities, modern equipment as to machinery of all kinds, including their own machine shop for making necessary repairs, they expect to be able to double their present output.

Their present force of about one hundred employees in both factories at No. 35 and 56 South Market street, working over time three nights a week, are unable to keep up with the orders, which are being received daily from all sections of the United States, and from the very largest brush buyers in the country, which is evidence that their high quality brushes are being sold at prices that are satisfactory to the buyer. Provisions are being made for the addition of another story or two should their necessities require same. They will continue to operate the two old factories to their full capacity until the new buildings are completed.

This will be the largest manufacturing building, and will employ more employees than any in the city at the present time. W. D. Foss in speaking to a News reporter Monday, stated that he believed that this building was the first one every built as a brush factory. Other brush companies have either bought or leased buildings formerly occupied by other manufacturing interests and as a consequence, this factory will the most model one in the country. Wooster heartily congratulates the Wooster Brush Works Company on their enterprise.