Taylor-Littell Family Bible

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Bible Info

No acquisition number. Only the family record pages remain from this Bible. Lithograph of T. Sinclair, Philadelphia, PA.
Originally from the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio collections. Transferred to Wayne County Public Library, Genealogy & Local History Department in April of 2018.

Please note the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio no longer accepts any Family Bibles into their collections as all genealogical research requests and information is directed to the Wayne County Public Library, Genealogy and Local History Department.

Date of Bible


Dimensions of Bible

Not a book, only pages of Bible remain.

Researcher Name and Date

2017-MAR Bibles Inventoried, Reviewed, and information recompiled by Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio, Documents Vault Committee.
1995 Family Bible Records compiled by WCHS Genealogy Committee.
1970-JAN-24 Records copied and submitted by Edna Keim Conrad, West Salem, Ohio.
1960-NOV-08 Records copied by C. Arthur Phillips


No longer exists


Title Page

Does not exist


Accompanying Paperwork Associated with Bible


Items Associated with Bible


Marriage Records associated with Bible

Oliver Perry Taylor and Frances Julie Littell were married December 12, 1852.

Birth Records associated with Bible

Death Records associated with Bible

Handwritten Notations inside Bible

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