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======Text searchable transcription of the paperwork associated with the Frazier-Samuel Family Bible======
"Elizabeth Burns her Book Elizabeth Burns Read carefully this Book and reflect well upon its contents for life immotat is its intent October 20th 1844 A. Burns"
William Calvin Frazier
Eugene Thompson born April 11 , 1872 (in Minoma Mexico)
On back page: Eugene Thompson born April 11 , 1872, son of Mary E. Thompson, born 1830, daughter of Elizabeth Burns Frazier, wife of Samuel Fraizer. Elizabeth Frazi er d ied 1863 in Congress Township Wayne Co. , Ohio
Family record before New Testament:
Marriages: Samuel & Elizabeth Fraizer was married November 11 , 1847 Samuel was 24 when married
Samuel Fraizer was born January 27, 1823
Elizabeth Burns was born June the 6th 1824 in Wayne County, Ohio married age 23
Births: Hector Burns Frazier was born August 26th 1848 Wayne County, Ohio died 1910
Mary Elizabeth Fraizer was born February the 7th 1850 Wayne County Ohio
John James Frazier was born July 15th 1852
William Calvin Frazier was born July 14th 1852 in Grant County Wis.
Thomas Jefferson Fraizer was born August the 4th 1854 in Grant County Wisconsin
Franklin Edgar Fraizer was born September the 5th 1856 in Grant County Wisconsin
Charles Fremont Fraizer was born February 13 1860 in Grant County Wis.
Deaths: Charles Fremont Fraizer died September 22 and 1864 aged 4 years 7 months and 13 days
Elizabeth Fraizer died October 17th 1865 aged 41 years 4 months and 11 days
William Elmer Fraizer born 3 July 1894 his age 1 year 7 months
William Calvin Frazier passed away Jan 2 1930 buried in Lodi Ohio
Loose sheet in back of Bible:
Grand Father and Mother Samuel Fraizer and Elizabeth Burns was married November 11 1847 Wayne Co. Ohio
Samuel Fraizer born in January 27 1822 in Wayne County Elizabeth Burns born in June 7 1824 in Wayne Co.
Samuel Frazier died in Grant Co. Wisc. May 17 1895 - 72 years Elizabeth Fraizer died in Wayne Co. Oct 17 1865 age 41
Hector Fraizer born August 26 1848 died 1910 Wayne Co. 61
Mary E. Fraizer born Feb 7 1850 died December 11 1918 age 68 John James Fraizer born July 14 1852
Thomas Jefferson Fraizer born August 4 1854 Franklin Edgar Fraizer born Sept 5 1856
Charles Fremont Fraizer born February 18 1860 died Sept 22 1864
William c . Fraizer born July 14 1852 died Jan 2 1930 age 78
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