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Accommodation and Food Services

OrganizationSub-IndustryFounder nameCityTownshipEstablishedCurrent statusDefunct
Albert L. Sullivan - RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesAlbert L. SullivanWoosterDefunct
Alexander's Liberty RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesWooster1928Defunct
Althouse HotelAccommodationWooster1849Defunct
American House (Wooster, Ohio)AccommodationWilliam McCombWooster1837Defunct
Arby'sFood Services and Drinking PlacesWoosterActive
Arcade Hotel (Creston, Ohio)AccommodationAllen Watrous HarrisCreston1889Defunct
Archer HouseAccommodation
Food Services and Drinking Places
Eber B Connelly
Melinda (Fox) Connelly
Wooster12 March 1879Defunct
Asian Wok IncFood Services and Drinking PlacesYong LiuWooster2009Active
Aunt Molly's RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesWoosterDefunct
Back Yard BurgersFood Services and Drinking PlacesWoosterDefunct
Barn RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesMark Dravenstott
Donald Dravenstott Sr.
Donald Dravenstott Jr.
Mike Dravenstott
Smithville26 April 1983Active
Bay Lobsters II Cafe & Fish MarketFood Services and Drinking Places
Food and Beverage Stores
John Dziorney
Cindy Dziorney
Bechtel Hotel (Wooster, Ohio)AccommodationDefunct
Billman HouseAccommodationBenrose BillmanDoylestown1870Defunct
Blue GooseFood Services and Drinking PlacesCongressDefunct
Blue Rooster BakehouseFood Services and Drinking Places
Food and Beverage Stores
Leo Boes
Wendy Boes
Brett's RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesOrrvilleDefunct
Bridgman RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesEd BridgemanCrestonDefunct1919
Buehler's Fresh FoodsFood and Beverage Stores
Food Manufacturing
Food Services and Drinking Places
Helen Buehler
Edward L. Buehler
New Philadelphia1929Active
Bullyz BBQ and CateringFood Services and Drinking PlacesDoug FlinnerWoosterActive
Burgan HotelAccommodationWest SalemDefunct
Busy Bee RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesGeorge LinalleyWest SalemDefunct
CCC HotelAccommodationC. E. SmithWooster30 May 1924Defunct
Central Hotel (Dalton, Ohio)AccommodationDaltonDefunct
Central Hotel (Shreve, Ohio)AccommodationShreveDefunct
Central Hotel (Wooster, Ohio)AccommodationWilliam B. ChamanWooster1875Defunct
Chuck Wagon RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesWoosterDefunct
Cicis PizzaFood Services and Drinking PlacesWoosterDefunct
City HotelAccommodationJ. DiceWoosterDefunct
Colony RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesOrrvilleDefunct
Commercial House (Congress, Ohio)AccommodationWest SalemDefunct
Commercial House (Smithville, Ohio)AccommodationSmithvilleDefunct
Commercial House (West Salem, Ohio)AccommodationJohn Glover FordWest SalemDefunct
Cottage Hotel (Creston, Ohio)AccommodationLeonard Oneil NewellCreston1910Defunct
Cottage Hotel (West Salem)AccommodationWest SalemDefunct
Dairy Lunch RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesBob WilsonWoosterDefunct
Danner's RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesWoosterDefunct
Das Dutch KitchenFood Services and Drinking PlacesDaltonActive
DenovoFood Services and Drinking PlacesWoosterDefunct
Dine-A-Mite Drive-InFood Services and Drinking PlacesRussell Jolliff
Cletus J. Miller
Eagle HouseAccommodationCharles HowardWooster29 March 1848Defunct
East Liberty RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesFred SchuchWoosterDefunct
Eastern House (Wooster, Ohio)AccommodationDefunct
El Rancho GrandeFood Services and Drinking PlacesJohn Giovanni Grande
Antonietta Massaro Grande
Empire House (Smithville, Ohio)AccommodationThomas BeaversSmithvilleDefunct
Empire House (Wooster, Ohio)AccommodationWoosterDefunct
European HotelAccommodationWoosterDefunct
Farmer Boy RestaurantFood Services and Drinking PlacesWoosterActive
Farmers HotelAccommodationDefunct
Fazoli'sFood Services and Drinking PlacesWooster1998Defunct20 January 2007