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Bible Info

Four loose leaf pages from the Wilson P. Snyder and Anna Brown Family Bible were donated to the Genealogy and Local History Collection.

Date of Bible


Dimensions of Bible

Pages are 9' x 11-1/2"
The original dimensions of the Bible are unknown.


Marriage Records associated with Bible

"This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between Wilson P. Snyder of Wooster Ohio and Anna M. Brown of Wooster Ohio on March 15th A.D. 1883 at Henry Snyder by Dr. H. S. Wiles."
Witnesses "A large company"

Page 3 of the loos leaf pages includes the marriages of the children.
Miles Henry Snyder - Elizabeth Riley - September 29th, 1907
Harriet Rebecca Snyder - Ellis Martin Houghton - January 1st, 1914
Frederick Brown Snyder - Jane Priest Orwig - October 4, 1916

Note: The marriage date of Frederick Brown Snyder and Jane Priest Orwig is in blue ink. The other two children are in black ink.

Birth Records associated with Bible

Miles Henry Snyder - July 7th A.D. 1884
Frederick Brown Snyder - March 17th A.D. 1889
Harriet Rebecca Snyder - July 14th A.D. 1899

Anna Brown Snyder - April 14, 1859.
Wilson P. Snyder - June 27th 1857.

Note: The birthdates of Anna Brown Snyder and Wilson P. Snyder were penned in a different pen and penmanship.

Death Records associated with Bible

Anna Brown Snyder - February 15th, 1914 (note: light black ink)
Wilson Peter Snyder - Feb 21 1927 (note: dark black ink)
Frederick Brown Snyder - Nov. 10, 1936 (note: blue ink)
Harriet Snyder Houghton - Nov. 26, 1945
Miles Henry Snyder.

Note: The death dates of Harriet Snyder Houghton and the name Miles Henry Snyder are penned in the same color.

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