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  • Shreve Methodist Church
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  • Shreve United Methodist Church
    • 430 North Main St., Shreve, 44676, Ohio

The first Shreve Methodist Church was built in 1856 while, Shreve was still called Clinton Station. At this time the Millbrook Class united with Shreve and A. Moffitt and N. Worden were pastors. The church was on the Nashville circuit until 1867, and in 1869 the Shreve circuit consisting of Shreve, Newkirk, and Bigelow Churches was formed under Rev. O. Webster. In 1871 the second church was built during his pastorate. Structural problems lead to the dismantling of this building and the beginning of the present building on the same site, now 430 North Main Street, on July 15th, 1905. This church was dedicated in February 1906, with C. Kennedy as pastor. In June 1956, ground was broken for a new addition containing additional Sunday School rooms and expanded kitchen facilities. This was completed in February 1957, while Fred Schiltz was pastor. In 1962, with Arthur Sperry as pastor, a second story containing more classrooms was added to this addition. In October 1974, Newkirk Church was dismantled and its members transferred to Shreve. Maple Grove Church merged in 1981. Current church membership stands at 440. During the first 48 years there were 21 pastorates with 30 ministers and assistants. Pastors since the erection of the present building include C. Kennedy 1904-1906, A. Whitmore 1907, Ed Wood 1908-1910, F. Fancher 1911-1912, C. Chilton 1913-1915, H. Chase 1916-1919, J. Ferguson 1920-1922, A. Perry 1923-1925, H. Henthorne 1926-1929, H. McGrath 1930, J. Waelde 1931-1935, E. Haines 1936-1937, O. Hauetter 1938-1939, Frank LePage 1940-1943, Claude Roe 1943-1945, William Sanders 1946-1947, Fred Schiltz 1948-1957, Reuben Rader 1957-1960, Arthur Sperry 1960-1967, Robert Griesinger 1967-1968, Glenn Brunstetter 1968-1973, Thomas Keck Sr. 1973-1978, C. Douglas Jones 1979, Craig Redecker 1979-1987, Current Pastor (2022) is Scott Walsh.

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Quick Facts

  • 1856 - First Shreve Methodist Church is built
  • 1867 - The Shreve Methodist Church is on the Nashville Circuit until this date
  • 1869 - The Shreve Circuit consisting of Shreve, Newkirk, and Bigelow, Churches is formed under Rev. O. Webster
  • 1871 - The second church was built during his pastorate
  • 1905 - Structural problems lead to the dismantling of this church and the beginning of a new building at 430 North Main St.
  • February 1906 - The new church was dedicated at this time, C. Kennedy was the church pastor
  • June 1956 - ground was broken for a new addition on to the church containing additional Sunday School rooms and expanding the kitchen facilities
  • February 1957 - the new addition is completed while Fred Schiltz was pastor
  • 1962 - Arthur Sperry is pastor and a second story adding more classrooms was built on top of the earlier addition
  • October 1974 - Newkirk Church was dismantled and its members transferred to the Shreve Church
  • 1981 - The Maple Grove Church merged with the Shreve Methodist Church
  • 1987 - The Shreve Methodist Church membership stood at 440 people