Shreve Christian Church

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Shreve Christian Church
Shreve Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church
Location 500 North Market Street, Shreve, Ohio
Country United States
Denomination Disciples of Christ
Previous denomination Baptist Association
Former name(s) Christian Church of Clinton (1831), Shreve Christian Church (1836)
Founded 1831
Dedicated First Church Building (25-Dec-1858), Present Church Building (17-May-1903), Remodeled and Rededicated (01-Dec-1963)
Status Active
Completed First Church Building (1858), Present Church Building (1903)
Construction cost Present Church Building - $9,544.87


Comprehensive History

Shreve Christian Church located at 500 North Market Street, Shreve was established in 1831 as the Christian Church of Clinton. This was the first church in Clinton Township. The original building was located on James Moore’s farm 1 ½ mile north of Shreve. Sources found for this church were; Wipert’s Church Histories of Wayne County, Ohio, pg. 43, History of Wayne County, Ohio, B.F. Bowen & Co., 1910 Vol. 1, pg. 255 and Wayne-Holmes Countywide Telephone Directory, March 2013, pg. 69.



Historical documents



Pastors of the Shreve Christian Church

Name Years
of Service
O. Everett
Rev. Jones 1865
J. Lowe 1867-1869
Rev. Sharp 1869-1870
J. Lowe 1870-1872
Uriah Huffman 1873-1876
D. Guy 1877-1880
J. Lowe 1880-1886
O. Oviatt 1886-1889
D. Henselman 1889-1892
F. Simpson 1893-1896
T. Woodard 1897-1898
George Crites 1898-1900
L. Spayd 1900-1904
S. Harris 1904-1906
L. McConnell 1906-1908
M. Decker 1908-1913
H. Elwinger 1913-1916
S. White 1916-1921
Leo Gregory 1922-1926
J. Richards 1927-1930
Ray Wolford 1931-1941
Phillip Gould 1941-1945
H. Stafford 1945-1947
Al Kean 1947-1949
N. Athey 1949-1952
Frank Reeder 1952-1953
William Frank 1953-1955
Donald Steffy 1956-1959
Amos Cobbey 1959-1961
Richard Herrington 1962-1966
Russell Goldner 1966-1969
Robert Tuck (interim) 1970
Leonard Filler 1970-1972
Garth Maynard 1973-1975
Anna Jarvis-Parker 1976-1979
Paul Jarvis-Parker (assistant) 1977-1979
Paul Haney 1979-1995 (?)
Priscilla Jackson 1996-2012


  • May 1831 - Church is organized with 40 members as 'Shreve Church of Christ'
  • Autumn 1858 - New church is erected diagonally across from the present church building and dedicated on Christmas Day by Harrison Jones
  • 1870 - An organ was added to the church
  • 1903 - A new church building was erected on the corner of Market and Church streets, it was dedicated 17-May-1903
  • June 1934 - Celebration of the 104th Anniversary of first meetings to organize the church
  • 1962-1963 - Church was remodeled in three stages, Exterior, Church School, Sanctuary for $30,797.00
  • May 1978 - 'Homecoming Day' held to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the present church building's use for worship
  • April 2012 - 110 Year Anniversary of church building, theme is "A Past to Remember, A Future to Pursue"


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