Salem Mennonite Church of Kidron

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Salem Mennonite Church of Kidron
Location 3363 Zuercher Road, Dalton, Ohio
Country United States
Denomination Ohio Conference of Mennonite Church USA (2014-present)
Mennonite Church USA (2014-present)
Previous denomination Central District Conference (Until 2014)
Website Salem Mennonite Church of Kidron
Founded 20 May 1886
Dedicated 28 Nov. 1886
Status Active


Comprehensive History

Salem Mennonite Church of Kidron located at 3363 Zuercher Road, Dalton was established in 1886/1887. It was previously located in Kidron. A building was erected in 1887. Sources found for this church were Church Histories of Wayne County, Ohio, Wipert p.71, History of Wayne County, Ohio, B.F. Bowen & Co.,1910, Vol. 1, pages 277 & 278 and Wayne-Holmes Countywide Telephone Directory, Jan.1995, page 81. The website listed for this church was

Salem Mennonite Church (General Conference Mennonite Church), located 4 miles southwest of Dalton, Ohio, and 2½ miles northeast of Kidron, Ohio, was organized 20 May 1886, with 18 charter members, of the Sommer, Kirchhofer, Lehman, Zuercher, Moser, Steffen, Amstutz, and Geiger families, as a schism from the Sonnenberg Swiss congregation. At first the church met in the Sonnenberg schoolhouse until they were denied use of the building. They then met in an old house at the foot of Schneck Hill. Their first meetinghouse, a 30 x 40 foot building constructed across the road from the Sonnenberg schoolhouse, was dedicated on 28 November 1886. A. A. Sommer was chosen as the first regular pastor. The present building is a result of additions and four remodeling programs.

The congregation made continued additions and renovations to the church in 1895, 1936, and 1948. In 1951 the Sonnenberg schoolhouse was purchased and used as a Sunday School annex. A parsonage was built in 1972 and a new chancel was built in 1974. Further renovations were made in 1980, 1997, 2001, and 2001.

The congregation in 1957 had 204 baptized members, with James R. Reusser as minister. The above information came from the Global Anabaptist Encyclopedia Online, site was accessed 4 Mar. 2021 and the link to the article is below in the External Links section.



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Salem Mennonite Church of Kidron