Reasin Beall House-546 E. Bowman St., Wooster, Ohio

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The house located at 546 E. Bowman St. was built sometime between 1815-1817 by property owner General Reasin Beall. Photograph by S. Zimmerman

The home of General Reasin Beall, one of Wayne County's earliest distinguished citizens, is now part of the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio campus. It is believed to be the oldest house in the City of Wooster. It was built between 1815 to 1817 on a land grant from the U.S. government and signed by President James Madison. The Reasin Beall House measures 40ftX50ft in the main structure and still has the original wood floors put down with hand-made nails. A few original panes of glass remain in some of the windows. Originally the house only had four rooms downstairs and four rooms upstairs. The house has four chimneys and a fireplace in each room. The addition to the house was likely added during the Stibbs family ownership of the house.

Prior to 1955 the property was owned by The College of Wooster for a number of years and was used as a girls dormitory known as "Bowman Hall".


Newspaper Articles

  • October 22, 1955: "College Presents Bowman Hall To Historical Society" by Unknown, The Daily Record, p. 1.

Property Transfers

  • 1815 Land Grant from U.S. Government To Reasin Beall
  • Reasin Beall, deceased, To Elizabeth (Beall) Stibbs
  • 1879 Stibbs To John H. Kauke
  • 1900 John H. Kauke To Carey Kauke
  • 1905 Carey Kauke To Louis H. Severance used home as a place for furloughed missionaries.
  • 1924 L. H. Severance To Alice C. Ebersbach who donated it to the College of Wooster
  • 1954 College of Wooster leased the property to the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio in perpetuity for $1.

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