Professor G. W. Doty Photographer

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Professor G. W. Doty Photographer
Former type Professional / Scientific / and Technical Services; Miscellaneous Store Retailers
Industry Professional and Technical
Fate Dissolved
Predecessor(s) J. P. Greenwald Photographer
Successor(s) Haynes & Albright
Founded Wooster, Ohio (1867 (1867))
Founder(s) George W. Doty, 'professor'
Defunct June 1871 (1871-06)
Headquarters Wooster, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 1 - Wooster, Ohio

'Professor' George W. Doty bought the photograph gallery of J. P. Greenwald Photographer in 1867 in Wooster, Ohio and operated the business from 1867 until June of 1871 when Doty sold the business to Haynes & Albright - Photography [1]. George W. Doty was first married to Sarah. They had two children: Irvin Doty (b.1856 in NY) and Alice Doty (b.1858 in NY). Sarah may have died about 1864. However, no verification has been found. George W. Doty then married Julia E. Childs on 20 Dec 1866 in Wayne County, Ohio [2] and had two more children: William Doty (b.1876) and Mamie G. Doty (b.1878 in OH). G. W. Doty and Julia divorced in January 1884.

By 1875 George W. Doty was working in Lancaster, Ohio and by early 1880s he had become a fixture in Urbana, Ohio. He was always referred to as "Professor" Doty although no educational merits for this moniker could be found. While living in Urbana, Ohio he claimed to have obtained a doctor's diploma and began working as a physician. However, near the end of 1882 after a scandal surrounding his daughter Alice Doty, in which Dr. G. W. Doty circulated slanderous remarks about his daughter in an attempt to ruin her, he was arrested and found out to have obtained his physician's diploma under an assumed name. He was ordered to leave Urbana, Ohio by their "Vigilance Committee" or risk being tarred and feathered. Whatever became of G. W. Doty is unknown. By the 1900 Federal Census Julia Doty was living back in Wooster, Ohio with her daughter Mamie and listed herself as a widow.


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  • 1860 - Residing in Hector Twp, Schuyler Co, NY with wife, Sarah and two children: Irvin, age 5 and Alice, age 2; listed as a shoemaker and under George W. Doty
  • 1867 - purchased photograph gallery of J. P. Greenwald Photographer
  • 1870 - Residing in Wooster Ward 4, Wayne Co., OH with wife Julia E. and two children: Irvin, age 14 and Alice, age 12; listed as a photographer and under Prof. G. W. Doty
  • 1871 - June, sold to Haynes & Albright - Photography
  • 1880 - Residing in Urbana, Champaign Co, OH with wife Julia and three children: Alice, age 21; William, age 4; and Mamie, age 2


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  1. Wooster Republican newspaper dated JUN 15, 1871
  2. Wayne County, Ohio Marriage Records vol. 7, page 19

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