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Welcome to the Wayne County Public Library Local History Portal.

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Bertha Ellsperman 1897.jpg
In the 1900 United States Census for Wooster City, Ward 1 Bertha Ellsperman was listed as a "Librarian at Reading Room". This photo shows Ms. Ellsperman working at her desk in 1897. She was the first Librarian of the new Wooster Public Library and Museum established in 1897. She was hired on 10 April 1897. She was relieved of her duties as librarian in 1901.
Did you know
Carnegie Library 0001.jpg
In 1897, a number of citizens of Wooster organized the Wooster Free Library Association. In 1903, Andrew Carnegie agreed to donate $15,000 for a free public library in Wooster. By June 1903, the location of the new library was chosen. The new free public library would be located on the "old Larwill property on North Market street". The new library was dedicated in May 1905. Although it was built with Carnegie funds, the library was never designated as a Carnegie Library.
Local History Resources
There are many resources available in our department. Our department has newspapers on microfilm dating back to 1822. This resource may be very time consuming but very rewarding. Newspapers dating before 1870s do not include much local news. You may find the occasional marriage or death announcement. You may find listings of estate sales and legal notices that may provide clues to other resources to consider.

As the turn of the 20th century approaches, the local newspapers were social columns. Such items as births, marriage, and death announcements may be listed. Also, you may find information on who is visiting who and where the visit takes place. Information about military, and community involvement may be found. Wayne County School Reunions, family reunions, and information pertaining to local churches and businesses may be mentioned.

Through the years, many newspapers articles have been clipped on specific topics. Some of these may be found in the lateral files. Other clippings may be found in a variety of 3-ring notebooks and organized according to subject. Information on historical businesses may be found in the business collection and township articles in the township notebooks. Some of the information will become available through the Wayne County (OH) Wiki.
About Local History Portal
The local history portal focuses on history of Wayne County, Ohio including township histories and information pertaining to the towns and cities of long ago through present day. It is the desire to provide information on businesses, churches, schools, residences, non-profit organizations, military information and many other components of history. When available, digital images will be uploaded to the Wayne County (OH) Wiki to enhance the experience of our researchers. However, to compile a comprehensive history of Wayne County, Ohio, it takes time and volunteers--both of which are in great demand. If your are interested in helping "populate" the local history portal, please contact Deb in the Genealogy and Local History Department. General information regarding the history of Wayne County, Ohio may be found by choosing one of the record types listed in the "Main" tab. For images pertaining to local history, see the other two tabs: Digital Collection and Historical Atlas. To go directly to a township page, use the search field and type in the full township name, full county name, and full state name. Do not use abbreviations. For example,if you are interested in finding information on Plain Township, type in "Plain Township, Wayne County, Ohio". If you are interested in finding information on a town or city in Wayne County, type in the search field the full name of the town and the full name of the state. For example, if you are interested in information on Doylestown, type "Doylestown, Ohio".