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Meet the founders and entrepreneurs in Wayne County, Ohio. George Fresh of Congress Twp was an outstanding businessman. He established a cabinet shop. He was an undertaker and embalmer. In 1863, he started a very successful tannery and hotel. (History of West Salem, Wayne County, Ohio p. 17). In 1835 in Mt. Eaton, Ohio, Joseph Boigegrain built a long wooden building which later became known as the Roth Store. He was succeeded by his son Auguste Boigegrain until 1879. Two sons of Auguste Boigegrain became associated with the well known William Annat Store in Wooster (Mt. Eaton 1829-1979 p. 10). In the 1870s, a carriage factory was constructed in Marshallville, Ohio. It became known as Wehe & Company Carriage Works. When Jacob Weimer assumed operations following a devastating fire in 1877, the name changed to Wehe and Weimer. The business continued to grow and some years later, George Gerstenslager bought an interest in the company and later moved the company to Wooster, Ohio (Marshallville 1817-1967 p. 4). It became known as the Gerstenslager Company, presently known as Artiflex.

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