Phillip Smith II

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Wayne County Pioneers # 5

Phillip Smith II (1761-1838)

Phillip Smith II was born in 1761 in Frederick County, Maryland. He died on 30 March 1838 in East Union Township, Wayne County, Ohio. Phillip Smith II served with Colonel William Crawford’s unsuccessful campaign against the Indians and British near Upper Sandusky. In about 1800, the family came to Jefferson County, Ohio. In 1808, Phillip Smith II with his brothers Henry, Valentine, Nicholas and his brother-in-law Fred Brown, purchased property in Apple Creek Valley, Wayne County, Ohio. It is believed that Phillip Smith II had marched and camped through southern Wayne County in the war and perhaps liked what he saw. Phillip Smith II married Agnes Waits, daughter of John Waits Sr. Agnes Waits was born in Hampshire County, Virginia in 1766. Phillip and Agnes Smith had ten children. They were: Jonathan (1785-1863), George P. (1788-1873), Christena (1790-1864), Phillip III (1792-bef 1873), Jacob P. (1794-aft 1873), Valentine P. (1796-bef 1873), James P.(1798-1856), John P. (1799-aft 1873), Agnes (1802-1887) and Nathan Waits (1804-1885). Phillip Smith II purchased seven pieces of property in the townships of Wooster, Franklin, East Union and Chester. His homestead was most likely the property in East Union Township, Wayne County, Ohio. This was the northwest quarter of section 29. The property was purchased 18 April 1816, totaling 160 acres.

  • Phillip Smith II (1761-1838) married Agnes Waits
    • George P. Smith (1788-1873 married Sarah Miller
      • Enoch Smith (1824-1889 married Margaret Ely
        • Harry Smith (1865-1956) married Eulola Anne Moore
          • Claude Smith (1889-1958) married Stella Maud Imhoff
            • Richard G. Smith (1914-1999)

  • Phillip Smith II (1761-1838) married Agnes Waits
    • Jacob Phillip Smith (1800-1884) married Rebecca Miller
      • Martha Smith (1841-1916) married David Hartman
        • John Almon Hartman (1862-1948) married Arminda Elizabeth Dinius
          • Martha May Hartman (1897-1960) married Albert Earl Ware
            • Orren Albert Ware (1930-2011) married Deloris May Geeting
              • Connie Sue Ware Overholser Denihan