Old Knupp Church

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Old Knupp Church
Location DeCourcey Road, Rittman
Country USA
Denomination No current denomination
Previous denomination Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Church of God


Comprehensive History

Located in the Rittman Cemetery, Old Knupp Church is Milton Township's oldest authentic landmark. It was built in 1817 by the locality's earliest pioneers, who called it the "Church of Good Hope." The building is known as the birthplace of at least four existing congregations: Acme Lutheran Church, Milton United Presbyterian Church, Rittman United Methodist Church, and the Church of God.

The church was used first jointly by the Lutherans and the Presbyterians, supplied by a circuit-riding preacher because the population was so sparse. This plan was harmoniously followed for many years and both groups grew and prospered. The Lutherans finally moved north to the present location of their church on Acme Hill, and the Presbyterians relocated to the new village of Milton Station (now Rittman) and built a new church, the forerunner of the present Milton Presbyterian Church. After these two groups left, the early United Brethren people began worshipping here until they built a church on Main Street, forerunner of the present United Methodist Church. A third group under Reverend Henry took over the old church and soon were able to move to town and build the Church of God on Ohio Avenue.[1]

On the basis of this rich historical background, the Rittman Historical Society began a massive restoration of the structure in 1960. The renovated church reopened in 1970 as a site for weddings, community gatherings, and a variety of club meetings.[2]

Historical documents


  • 1817: Church built
  • 1960: Renovation begun
  • 1970: Building begins use as rental space for events


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