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This document is a list of names of the men in certain Ohio cities who are eligible for a pension. The cities on the list include Marshallville, Fredericksburg, Apple Creek, Burbank, Doylestown, Dalton, Creston, Shreve, Smithville, Rittman, West Salem, and Orrville. The document is undated and is found in the Frank Gerlach file.

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Transcription Notes

  • As with all names and old documents, misspellings and phonetic spellings are common. Please be advised that certain sounds and letters, such as "B" and "P", "M" and "N", "T" and "L", and "I" and "J" are frequently confused and adjust your search accordingly.


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Marshville- -

Isch, Elmer
Taylor, Ulysses S. R R 1

Fredericksburg- -

Kidd, Samuel M.

Apple Creek- -

Parcell, Chas. Gen. D1.
Peter, Oscar J.

Burbank- - Chamberlin, Andrew T.

Doylestown- -

Crislip, John L. R R 1
Galehouse, Walter S.
Hunsberger, Harry R R 1
Sprague, Arthur E.

Dalton- - Mumaw, Welker, A. Box 163

Sturgis, Thos. A.

Creston--Barrick, Jacob, Box 314

Buchanan, Samuel E.
Guthrie, Hal S.
Hensel, Rollen V. R R 2
Marsh, Clarence, B.

Shreve--Alleman, Hurd, R R 1, Box 9

Berry, Earnest A.
Boyd, Wm. H. Box 107
Campbell, Robert J. R R 2
Campbell, Walter
Cole, Jas. R
Critchfield, Ammon B
Merkel, Eugene D.
Miller, Bert R R R 4,
Miller, Peter
Miller, Wiley K.
Roberts, Shelton, R R 2
Robison, Bert D.
Way, Ebbert, W R R 1, To Craighton

Smithville- -

McKeal, Jas. A.

Rittman--Bensinger, Oliver

Black, Harry, R R 1
Labo, Alexander, R R 1
Murphy, Marion M.

West Salem- -

Balliett, Tennyson E. R R
Berry, Jos. B.
Campbell, Claude C.
Diveler, Amos M.
Edwards, Orlando R. R R 4

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West Salem- -

Kramer, Ezra, R R 5
McKee, Frank S.
Miller, Maurice E. R D #1
Myers, Geo. W. RR 3
Schott, Wilfred B.
Snoddy. Allen C.
Taylor, Kaiser, W.
Worst, Harvey E. R R 1

Orrville--Critchfield, Jesse B. 714 S. Vine St.

Hatfield, Wm. W
McLarty, Walter “. Box 95 R R 1
Manson, John C.
Meihls, Wm. A. 121 N. Elm St.
Newcomer, Wm. H.
Rose, Jacob L.
Starn, Homer H. 407 W. Oak St.
Walter, Melvin H. R R 1
Werner, Samuel 716 S. Mill St.
White, Wm. B. Gen. Del.
Willford, Lee, R. 836 S. Vine St.