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This document is a compiled list of all officers who served in World War I from Wayne County. The document is undated, and is found in the Frank Gerlach file.

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Transcription Notes

  • Typographical errors, such as capitalization and spacing errors, have been corrected where appropriate.
  • Given the age and condition of the document, certain names and segments have been rendered illegible.
    • Suggestions have been given in brackets where appropriate.
    • Empty brackets indicate that a segment is missing, however, no suggestion has been made.
    • The notation [sic] has been inserted where possible mistakes have been made.
    • The notation [redacted] has been added where text has been mechanically overwritten.
  • As with all names and old documents, misspellings and phonetic spellings are common. Please be advised that certain sounds and letters, such as "B" and "P", "M" and "N", "T" and "L", and "I" and "J" are frequently confused and adjust your search accordingly.
  • Likewise, common first names are often abbreviated on this list. Names like George and Joseph are shortened to "Geo." and "Jos."


Surname First Name Additional Information
Alexander Ralph E.
Bahl James L.
Brown Thomas B.
Buchanan Paul S.
Bennett Donald V. Shreve
Bertlette Harry B. Lt. Colonel Shreve
Bell Samuel Major
Blankenhorn H. Orville
Bair Howard A. Ritmann
Barett Edward J? Medical
Blankenhorn Marion Medical Orville
Campbell Co. H. 146 Inf.
Childs Clarence
Charleton William
Criley William W. (99 Windemere, E. Cleveland
Clark Allen [redacted]
Chalfant Allen B. (Wooster)
Critchfield A. B.
Crawford Lewis C.
Camp Howard E.
Cameron Welker
Compton Carl
Deeds Charles R. (Dalton) Medical
Eddy Emmet W.
Farrell W. F. (Wooster)
Foss Clifford P.
Funck Daniel C.
Fair Virgil P.
Forbes E. B. (Experiment Station)
Foster Thomas C. (Wooster) Medical
Gerlach Frank C. Colonel 146 Inf.
Gerlach Frank W.
Gravatt Quintin P.
Gould C. P. (Ensign navy)
Graven Thomas A. (Wooster) Medical
Hawk Glenn
Herron Robert
Hinig Edwin 2nd Lt.
Haupert Paul S.
Hard Dudley J. Colonel 135 F.A.
Horn Harry W. Medical)
Hesler Ralph (West Salem) Medical
Ice K. C. (Shreve Medical)
Keister Warren J. 1st. Lt. Supply Co. 146 Inf.
Ketr Harry H. Captain Co. H. 146 Inf.
Limb Marcus R.
[redacted] Martin Edwin A. (University Chalmers)
Miller Walter Sheriff)
Miller Robert Major (Sheriff)
Markley Wayne
McQuigg Colonel 112th. Eng.
McClure Paul
McSweeney John
McSweeney James
McCoy Grover G. Captain, Hdq. Co. 146 Inf.
McLaughlin Harrold S.
McClaran Walter E J. (navy)
Merillat Louis A. Jr.
Merillat Louis A. Sr.
Miller Harry (sheriff)
Maurer Edgar W. Wooster
McDowell [redacted, possibly Rex] (Medical) Orville
Norton Franklin W. (West Salem)
Orcutt Wilbur
Olmstead A. R. (Marshville Medical)
Pringle Samuel W.
Palmer Stephen E. Wooster
Perts Earl J? Captain Supply Co. 146 Inf.
Quinby Edward
Reiman Russel C.
Redick Fred C. Captain Co. D. 146 Inf.
Stewart Walter
Spear Robert W.
Slutz Robert F.
Stark Julius 1st. Lt. Co. F. 146 Inf.
Shupe Thomas P. (medical)
Snyder Oscar (Orrville Medical Major)
Taggart Elmore F.
Townsend Andrew
VanOver Elmer
VanOver Jesse
Wilson Robert
Wishard [E.] Fred
Whitmarsh Raymond D.
Worline H. W. (Wooster)
Wile Ralph
Welty C. Wilbur Applecreek)
Weygandt Ross S.
Yost Walter R. 1st. Lt. Co. D. 146 Inf.
Yoder H. H. (Medical Smithville)
Yeager Reed