Oak Grove School, Wooster Township

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Oak Grove School
Former names Oak Grove No.2
General information
Country United States
Opening 1853 or 1854
Relocated 1906: Sylvan Road

Schools in Wooster Township


Oak Grove School was built between the years of 1853 and 1854, in conjunction with four other one-room schools built in Wooster Township. The school taught students from first grade to eighth grade with usually only one teacher; however,  James Fetzer, who attended Oak Grove in the 1910s, remembered having four teachers: Helen Goshorn, Barbara Kaylor, Milo Clodfelter, and Elmer Lenhart.[1] 

As school children got promoted into higher grades, left school to pursue a career  and/ or  got married, the enrollment was said to have dropped to 11 students during the 1915-1916 term. This decrease in students caused the school board to reevaluate whether they would be able to pay the salary of the teacher(s), which was $50 per month,  if there was only a small amount of students attending the school. Thus, the School Board decided that it would not be beneficial to keep the school open. However, during 1916 there was an increase of school-aged students moving into Wooster Township during the oil boom, allowing for the school to remain open for the now 20 plus students that they needed to educate.  

Oak Grove was an integral part of the community. As James R. Fetzer discussed in a 1989 in The Daily Record article,  “Oak Grove School No. 2 served an important part of rural life at the time. With limited distant traveling the persons of the neighborhood joined in a common effort to make their school district the best, close friendships helped the families appreciate each other. I am not sure those were good old days but altogether we made the best we could with what we had."[2] 



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