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  • Morrison Barber Shop
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    • 39 E. Liberty St., Wooster, 44691, Ohio, United States
    • 206 E. Liberty St., Wooster, 44691, Ohio, United States

"Morrison Barber Shop, in Wooster is the mecca of discriminating men and women for miles around who take a special pride in their personal appearance. The shop is splendidly equipped for the production of a class of work which has been of excellent distinction with the trade.

Leading Bankers, Doctors, Lawyers, in fact, people from very rank in life highly praise the efficient service at this reliable shop. Each one is aware when he steps away from his favorite barber's chair-- shaved, shingled and shampooed-- he will look successful and feel that way.

The management of this shop is endeavoring to give the public the very best service at all times. All equipment is modern and up-to-date in every respect. The work is done by experts who cater to the individual needs, desires and demands of the customer in a manner which is largely responsible for the wide popularity of this establishment.

The management stands high among the business men of this section and is everywhere esteemed for polite and courteous treatment of patrons.

Morrison Barber Shop in Wooster is recognized as a place of merit and all who have had work done there are high in its praise."[1]

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  1. Morrison Barber Shop. Public Square. Wooster, Ohio. Dalton, Gazette, October 2, 1947, p4.