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Wars[edit | edit source]

  • List of wars with dates

Researching Military Records[edit | edit source]

Veterans[edit | edit source]

Wayne County Pensioners in 1835, American Revolution[edit | edit source]

This list of Pensioners may be found in "U.S., The Pension Roll of 1835". Data accessed 16 March 2021.

Last Name First Name Description Date when on roll age
Anderson Andrew Pennsylvania militia 1834 May 20 73
Bivins John Massachusetts state 1833 Jul 6 74
Brouse Michael Pennsylvania militia 1833 Oct 28 79
Campbell William Pennsylvania militia 1834 Mar 12 75
Case Augustus New York militia 1834 May 3 75
Ewing William Pennsylvania state 1834 May 20 70
Franks Henry Pennsylvania militia 1833 Oct 25 70
Freeman Rufus New Hampshire militia 1834 Feb 25 71
Jeffrey John Pennsylvania militia 1833 Apr 10 78
Luke John New Jersey continental 1833 Nov 21 72
Lash Peter New Jersey militia 1834 Jul 8 70
Miller William New Hampshire continental 1833 Apr 10 89
Martin Reuben New Jersey militia 1834 Jul 8 87
Powell David Pennsylvania militia 1834 Jul 8 77
Piper Frederick Pennsylvania militia 1833 Dec 30 86
Richards Jesse Pennsylvania continental 1833 Apr 13 78
Rice Frederick Pennsylvania militia 1834 Apr 20 80
Shiner John Pennsylvania militia 1833 Jul 8 81
Smith Peter Pennsylvania militia 1833 May 9 77
Shankland Alexander New York militia 1834 Feb 25 78
Taylor Edward New Jersey militia 1834 Jul 8 72
Taylor Tragift New Jersey militia 1834 Jul 23 84
Wonder Andrew Pennsylvania militia 1834 Jul 8 72

Wayne County Pensioners in 1840, American Revolution[edit | edit source]

This lists of Pensioners may be found in Bowen's History of Wayne County, Ohio on pages 220-221.

Last Name First Name Age Township
Hagerman Barnett 80 Perry
Case Augustus 87 Plain
Tyron Ezra 80 Jackson
Freeman Rufus 78 Canaan
Davidson John 84 Wayne
Franks Christina, widow 73 Chippewa
Underwood Isaac 74 Chippewa
Foster Benjamin 86 Milton
Cotton Benjamin 83 Jackson
Metsker Conrad 82 Greene
Richardson Jesse 84 East Union
Goodspeed Simon 76 East Union
Cain Robert 77 Wooster

Wayne County Pensioners, War of 1812[edit | edit source]

This list of soldiers may be found in Ben Douglass' History of Wayne County, Ohio on page 760. Douglass indicates this list is from records found in Columbus, Ohio.

Last Name First Name Town
Achenbach John Moreland
Bulger, (widow) Rachel Fredericksburg
Crummel John Apple Creek
Espy Jacob B. Wooster
Fike Henry Smithville
First, (widow) Catharine Apple Creek
Johnson William Wooster
Jones Sylvanus Wooster
Kenney Simon Canaan
Ludwig John Reedsburg
McFadden James Cedar Valley
Messmore George Apple Creek
Pittinger Thomas Lattasburg
Potter Benjamin Millbrook
Rieder Daniel Koch's
Starner Henry Wooster

Wayne County Service Pensions, Civil War[edit | edit source]

Wayne County, Ohio Military Material[edit | edit source]

  • Various scrapbook clippings from Shreve newspapers during World War II
  • Our Wayne County Heritage
    • This book includes more than military records. There is a list of land grants registered in Wayne County; Apprentice Indentures of Wayne County, Ohio; The Wayne County Company; Sale of School Lands; Federal Census of Wayne County 1820; Naturalization Records in Wayne County; Gone to California! An Account of the Dennison Company; Jackson, O Presbyterian Church Session Minutes, 1827-1875.

Military Information in Newspapers[edit | edit source]

Local newspapers include not only general information on war but information pertaining to those who are drafted, killed in action, missing in action, and letters from afar.

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External Links[edit | edit source]

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