McSweeney Home-531 N. Market St., Wooster, Ohio

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The house located at 531 N. Market St. was built in 1845 by property owner John McSweeney I. Photograph by S. Zimmerman

The McSweeney house at 531 N. Market St. in Wooster, Ohio was built in 1845. It was the home of three generations of the McSweeney family: John McSweeney I, John McSweeney II, and John McSweeney III. The first two were prominent local attorneys, handling many important civil and criminal cases. John McSweeney III distinguished himself in other areas: teaching, military, and politics. Many prominent people visited the McSweeney Home: at least three Presidents of the United States and numerous Senators and Congressmen during the McSweeney family occupancy. It was also known as the location of many parties at which ordinary local folks were entertained.

The home featured a complete historical and legal library.

Photograph by S. Zimmerman

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