McBride School, Wooster Township

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McBride School
Former names Wooster Township School No. 4, No. 4
General information
Location Blachleyville Road
Town or city Wooster, Ohio
Country United States
Opening mid-1800s

Schools in Wooster Township

History[edit | edit source]

The McBride School House, also known as the Wooster Township School No. 4, was built in the mid-1800’s. The school was a 22 feet squared log structure which had wooden benches and boards fastened to the wall for class. [1] The school was burned down resulting in a new school being built in its place by Mr. Allaman who won the contract for the building at a price of $2135.50 . The school building was later sold in July 1939.

School Teachers[edit | edit source]

  • Albert McFadden

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  1. " McBrides: School Celebrated New Years Day," Wooster Daily News, January 7, 1907.

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