Mailing List of Local Members of 8th O.V.I.

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This document is a mailing list for local members of the Eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. It is unnamed and undated, and is found in the Frank Gerlach file.



Mailing list local 8th O. V. I.

Captain E. D. Merkel, Wooster Equity Co., Wooster, O.
S. N. Manson, Shreve, O.
C. R. Scott, 513 E. North St.
Judge L. R. Critchfield, 148 E. Liberty St.
J. H. Dewar, Wooster, O.
W. R. Curry, Curry Lumber Co. Wooster, O.
G. W. Unger, 115 E. Bowman St.
L. W. Christine, Wooster, O.
C. E. Unger, 541 E. North St,
C. W. Grossenbach, N. Grant St.
H. F. Jolliff, 653 E. Henry St.
J. W. Kostenbader, 618 Callowhill St.
A. H. Dice, 304 E. Bowman St.
Captain W. E. Barnard, 407 E. South St.
F. W. Bedford, Shreve, O.
E. A. Berry, Rural Route Wooster, O.
F. J. Leopold, 323 W. Larwill St.
W. A. Conrad, 640 E. Henry St.
F. C. Gray, 352 Elm Drive
M. R. Johnson, Wooster, O.
Harry W. Kinkler, Wooster, O.
P. M. Maize, R. D. #4 Wooster, O.
C. E. Langell, Wooster, O.
G. B. Webb, 347 S. Market St.
T. P. Brown, C/O Miss Ora Brown, Wooster, O.
George W. Limb, 850 N. Grant St.

To the following programs only

Captain John McSweeney, Wooster, Ohio.
Devere Kauffman, 227 College Ave. (2 programs)
Mrs. J. C. Smiley, R. D. #2 Wooster, O.

Rev. George W. Brown, Amanda, O. (include a letter) 3¢

Mayor Wm. Long, Wooster, O.
Lt. Kiser W. Taylor, West Salem, O. 3¢