Lists of All Servicemen Members of Buckeye Camp and of Those not Members

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This document contains a list of Spanish-American War Veterans who are members of the Buckeye Camp, as well as the names of those not members. It is found in the Frank Gerlach file.

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Wooster O 5/8-28

Dear Colonel,

Enclosed find the complete list of Spanish War Veterans this section, one list shows present members Buckeye Camp, the other contains names of all others.
Very Truly,
John E Pafeurach [?]

Page 2

Members of Buckeye Camp #51- U.S.W.V.
Last Name First Name Address
Alleman Hurd RR 6
Barnard William E. 351 Nold Ave.
Bersch Albert W. RR 2
Brink Harold S. 723 Quinby Ave.
Cameron Nathaniel C. 610 High St.
Conrad Willie A. 636 E. Henry St.
Christine Louis W. 427 S. Buckeye St.
Critchfield Lyman Jr. 159 N. Bever
Curry William R. 1226 Quinby Ave.
Dice Arch H. 304 E. Bowman St.
Gray Frank G.
Grossenbach Cary W. 504 N. Grant St.
Kinkler Harry
Kistler Joseph W. 314 Prospect St.
Kostenbader John W. 618 Callowhill St.
Langell Clemet E. 237 E. Henry St.
Leopold Frederick J. 323 W. Larwill St.
Limb George S. 521 Beall St.
McClarran Harry L. 421 E. North St.
Maize Percy M. RR 5
Manson Samuel N. 148 S. Market St.
Miller David F. 230 W. South St.
Milham Arthur R. Gen. Del.
Naftzger Loyd A. 822 Nold Ave.
Pafenbach John E. 404 W. Liberty St. dead
Rope John W. 415 S. Grant St.
Scott Charle R.

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Spanish War Veterans Not Members of Wooster Camp
Last Name First Name Address
Ernst William A. 165 S. Col. Ave., Wooster, Ohio
Johnson Merten R. 355 W. North St., Wooster, Ohio
Jolliff Harvey F. 187 E. Henry St., Wooster, Ohio
King Charles E. R.D. Wooster, Ohio dead
McWhorter Charles M. 651 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio
Price Elwood RR3
Query Derward A. 337 E. Bowman St. Wooster, Ohio dead
Rush Ray 153 S. Market St., Wooster, Ohio
Segner Robert Jr. 421 W. North St., Wooster, Ohio dead
Snyder Edgar E. 314 S. Buckeye St., Wooster, Ohio
Berry Joseph B. West Salem, Ohio
Balliett Tennyson E. R.R., West Salem, Ohio
Diveler Amos M. West Salem, Ohio
Edwards Orlando R. R.R. 4, West Salem, Ohio dead
Kramer Ezra R.R. 5, West Salem, Ohio
McKee Frank West Salem, Ohio
Miller Maurice R. R.R. 3, West Salem, Ohio
Myers George W. R.R. 3, West Salem, Ohio
Schott Wilfred B. West Salem, Ohio dead
Taylor Kaiser W. West Salem, Ohio
Worst Harvey E. R.R. 1, West Salem, Ohio
Kuhn Edward G. R.R. 1, Seville, Ohio
Shoup James B. Seville, Ohio
Barry William E. Shreve, Ohio
Bedford Frank Paul Shreve, Ohio
Berry Ernest A. Shreve, Ohio
Campbell Robt J. Shreve, Ohio
Campbell Walter Shreve, Ohio
Cole James R. Shreve, Ohio
Craft Charles Shreve, Ohio
Critchfield Ammon B. Shreve, Ohio dead
Mallory Henry H. Shreve, Ohio
Merkel Eugene D. Shreve, Ohio
Miller Peter Shreve, Ohio
Miller Wiley K. Shreve, Ohio
Roberts Shelton R.R. 2, Shreve, Ohio
Robison Bert D. Shreve, Ohio dead'
Way Ebbert W. R.R. 1. to Craighton, Shreve, Ohio
Weaver Charles R.R. 1, Shreve, Ohio
Bensinger Oliver Rittman, Ohio
Kilcline Thos. 93 W. First St., Rittman, Ohio
Martin John Rittman, Ohio
Murphy Marion M. Rittman, Ohio
Shackleford Wm. M. Rittman, Ohio
Critchfield Jesse B. 714 S. Vine St., Orrville, Ohio dead'
Emlong Frank 334 Fair St., Orrville, Ohio
Pontius Lee C. Orrville, Ohio
Harfield Wm. M. Orrville, Ohio
McFarland Wm. R. Gen. Del., Orrville, Ohio
Manson John C. Orrville, Ohio
Marsh Benj. O. 717 S. Beaver St., Orrville, Ohio
Meihls William A. 121 N. Elm St., Orrville, Ohio
Myers David M. Orrville, Ohio
Newcomer Wm. H. Orrville, Ohio
Plum Floyd H. 231 E. Water St., Orrville, Ohio dead
Rose Jacob L. Orrville, Ohio
Walter Melvin H. R.R. 1, Orrville, Ohio
Werner Samule 716 S. Mill St., Orrville, Ohio
Willford Lee R. 836 S. Vine St., Orrville, Ohio
Harris Harry N. Gen. Del., Lodi, Ohio
McGlaughlin Webster L. R.R., Lodi, Ohio
Sheppard Edward R.R. 2, Lodi, Ohio
Ayers Clifford O. Loudenville, Ohio
Bird Charles E. Loudenville, Ohio
Carpenter Simon J. Loudenville, Ohio
Dauber John G. 252 W. Main St., Loudenville, Ohio
Fisher Elmer D. 327 Wood St., Loudenville, Ohio
Getz John W. Loudenville, Ohio
Strausbaugh Hugh 316 Union St., Loudenville, Ohio
Tanner Wilbur J. Leroy, Ohio
Kidd Samuel M. Fredericksburg, Ohio
Galehouse Walter S. Doylestown, Ohio
Hunsberger Harry R.R. 1, Doylestown, Ohio
Santrock Frederick W. Doylestown, Ohio
Sprague Arthur E. Doylestown, Ohio
Isch Elmer Dalton, Ohio
Jones Theodore O. R.R. 2, Dalton, Ohio
Mumaw Welker A. Box 163, Dalton, Ohio
Sturgis Thomas A. Dalton, Ohio dead
Guthrie Hal S. Creston, Ohio dead
Chance Alfred R.R. 1, Creston, Ohio
Hensel Rollen V. R.R. 2, Creston, Ohio
Swartz William B.
Unger Charles E. 541 E. North St.
Unger Gustave W. 115 E. Bowman St.
Webb George B. 347 S. Market St.
Gerlach F. C. 814 N. Grant St.
De War James 736 Spink St.
Marsh Clarence Creston, Ohio R.D.
Graves William 749 Akron St., Massillion, Ohio
McKeal James Smithville, Ohio