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The Lincoln Highway began on July 1, 1913 when a group of American industrialists formed the Lincoln Highway Association with a shared a vision to have a continuous improved highway running from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. It was to be open to lawful traffic of all description, free to use, and to be a lasting memorial to President Abraham Lincoln. By September of 1913 an announcement was made that the route was to be 3,389 miles long. Existing roadbeds were to be used along with new sections of roads that would be built by local supporters and governments to connect and complete the path of the highway. One year later a "seedling" mile of road was created out of concrete in Malta, Illinois to demonstrate the future of the road. The Association dissolved after completing their goal and in 1928 the Lincoln Highway was marked by concrete posts set by the Boy Scouts of America across the new highway that stretched from coast to coast.[1]

In Wayne County, Ohio the old Lincoln Highway, also known as old U.S. Rt. 30, passed through Reedsburg, Jefferson, Dalton, and Wooster. Unfortunately, Dalton holds the distinction of being the very first Ohio town to be 'bypassed' by a superhighway bypass but the small town is a great example of the original Lincoln Highway slogan, "Main Street Across America," with its tree-lined downtown street.

In 2007 the Lincoln Highway was designated as an official "Ohio Historic Byway" by the Ohio Department of Transportation through its Ohio Scenic Byway program.

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