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Photo from 1909 newspaper


Photo from 1909 newspaper
  • Lemuel Andrew Jeffries
  • 8 June 1838
    Wooster, Ohio
  • 19 June 1909
    Wooster, Ohio
  • Wooster, Ohio
  • John Parsons Jeffries (b.1815–d.1888)
  • Jane McMonigal (b.1818–d.1913)
  • Emily Howard Jeffries (b.1865–d.1901)
  • Helen Howard Jeffries (b.1868–d.1956)
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Lemuel Andrew Jeffries was the oldest son of John Parsons Jeffries and Jane (McMonigal) Jeffries. Lemuel was born on June 8, 1838 two miles southwest of Wooster, Ohio on the homestead of the McMonigal farm. At 14 years of age, Lemuel learned the newspaper printing trade with Jacob A. Marchand and in 1856, Lemuel became the editor of the Wayne County Democrat. He remained on the payroll of the newspaper until his death in 1909.[1] On October 9, 1862, he married Harriet E. Howard, oldest daughter of Charles and Eliza (McCracken) Howard. Two daughters were born to this union: Emily Howard Jeffries and Helen Howard (Jeffries) Angell. [2] Emily was born in February 1865 and died 2 September 1901 in Wooster, Ohio. [3] Helen Howard Jeffries was born 30 March 1868 and died in died 18 February 1956 in Monterey County, California. She was married to Joseph Warner Angell (1867-1960). [4]


When the Civil War between the States broke out, Lemuel enlisted as a private on April 15, 1861, in Company E of the 4th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. This was the first Company organized in Wayne County for the war. Lemuel was the 15th male to sign on the roll of volunteers. [5] He continued to serve and moved up the hierarchy until he was honorably discharged on May 4, 1866 in Washington, DC. His services included:

  1. Private, Co. E, 4th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI)
  2. Fifth Sargeant, Co. D, 4th Regiment OVI
  3. First Sergeant, Co. D, 4th Regiment OVI
  4. Sergeant Major, 4th Regiment OVI
  5. Second Lieutenant, Co. G, 4th Regiment OVI
  6. Second Lieutenant, Co. D, 4th Regiment OVI
  7. Acting Adjutant, 4th Regiment OVI
  8. Frist Lieutenant, Co. E, 4th Regiment OVI
  9. First Lieutenant, Co. C, 20th Regiment OVI
  10. Captain, Co. C, 20th Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps
  11. Captain on General Staff
  12. Captain on Reconstruction duty in Virginia

When President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by Wilkes Booth, Lemuel Jeffries was one of many soldiers present at the funeral of Lincoln at Washington and was among the guard of honor that stood near the remains of Lincoln while thousands of citizens passed by, taking a "last view". On May 23, 1865, he was among the tens of thousands who participated in the "Last Grand Review" of the Union Army at Washington. [6]

Political Career

Following his discharge, Lemuel returned home to Wooster, Ohio and resumed his work for the Wayne County Democrat. In 1883, his friends wished him to become a candidate for mayor of Wooster. He was elected by a nice majority. Two years later, with the expiration of his term, he was re-elected as mayor. In 1893, he once again ran as a candidate for mayor and successfully served for three successive two-year terms. This was an honor never conferred upon a Wooster man. In all, he served as the mayor of Wooster for ten years. Lemuel Andrew Jeffries passed away at 68 years of age on June 19, 1909. [7]


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