Lee Building

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Lee Building
General information
Address 116 S. Market St., Wooster, Ohio
Town or city Wooster, Ohio
Country United States
Completed 1900
Designations Wayne County Historical Landmark

Comprehensive History

The Lee Building located at 116 S. Market St. in Wooster, Ohio is a Wayne County Historical Landmark site. Not because the building is architecturally significant in any way or all that old: reportedly constructed in 1900. It was given landmark status because it was a former home of the Wooster Brush Company, which is Wooster's oldest business industry: founded in 1851 by Adam Foss.

The Wooster Brush Company's first location was the third floor at the rear of a building once located on the site where Citizens National Bank used to be. This building was destroyed in 1874 and the company was moved to 35 S. Market St., which some people might remember as the location of Schrader Hardware, but again, fire wiped-out the factory. The next move was to E. Liberty St. and from there back to 35 S. Market St., and thence to the Lee Building on the east side of S. Market St. Outgrowing these quarters by 1906 Wooster Brush Company was moved to its present location when it acquired land on Madison Ave. in 1909, and a new factory was built. The structure was 70-feet wide and 200-feet long, providing three times as much floor space as before. The Madison Ave. site in Wooster, Ohio is still the location of Wooster Brush headquarters today, but the Lee Building once housed the company for many years.



  • Wooster Brush Co.
  • City Book Store



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