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Surnames beginning with "S"

  • Our Family Tree: Record of the Salisbury Family, Beginning with William Salisbury
  • Ancestors of Oscar McCardle Sands
  • Schlegel Genealogy 1777–1970
  • Descendants of Philip Schmidt
  • Schneider/Pfister Family History
  • Schowalter Heritage: Series 1 ~ Volume 1: Christian Schowalter Pleasant View Martindale, Earl Township Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • Schowalter Heritage: Series 2 ~ Volume 1: Schowalter Families of Cocalico Township Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • The Schrock, Ramseyer Story
  • Descendants of Henry Schrock and Barbara Miller
  • Sebree Studies
  • The Family History of George and Ann Leaper Selders and their Descendants from 1724 to 1978
  • Descendants of Hezekiah Sellards
  • Seward and Related Families
  • Our ShaferShaffer Family History
  • The Shaffer/Fiscener Family Disk Series
  • Peter Shaklee Genealogy 1756–1990
  • John Shank (Schenck ) Family 1750–1979
  • Peter Sharp Family History
  • Shaum Family History
  • John Template:Shinabarger - Patriarch 1764-1837
  • Shisler Family: From Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Smithville, Wayne County, Ohio: 1756-2016
  • A Four Family History: Shonk-Auman, Silvius, Penrod, Lantz
  • Israel Shreve : Revolutionary War Officer
  • Descendants of John C. Sidle
  • Letter Written by Isaac Benjamin Siegfried
  • Siegfried Land in Maxatawny (now in) Berks County, Pennsylvania
  • Nana’s Stories (Silver )
  • Simcox Family Tree Book 1800-1985
  • The Squire Simmons Family, 1746–1986
  • Sims Family History
  • Genealogy of Smith -McAlevy Families, vol. I & II
  • A Collection of Smucker Descendants
  • Jonas Smucker History
  • "With a Name Like…" (Smucker )
  • Snell Family History, vol. I - VI
    • Volume 1: Johan Nicholas; Mary Verona; Heinrich, John, Christian Rudy, Johann Philip, John, Elizabeth, Catherine, John A., David, Elizabeth
    • Volume 2: Johan Philip Snell and Elizabeth
    • Volume 3: Johan Philip Snell, Elizabeth, Anna Dorothea Snell
    • Volume 4: Johan Philip Snell, Heinrich Snell, Catharine, John and Mary Shively Snell, Adam, Daniel, George, Henry, Elizabeth, William W.
    • Volume 5: John Heinrich Snell, Sarah, Permela, John Ransom, Permelia, Juliann, Joseph; John Jacob Snell, Joseph, Judith, Elizabth, David Snavely, Susannah, Jacob Catharine, Henry, John Christian, Daniel
    • Volume 6: Misc. Snell Data
  • Sommers-Summers Genealogy
  • The Stanley Family
  • Descendants of the Christian Stuckey Family
  • Chasing Abraham: An Attempt to Find the Parents and Birthplace of Abraham Summers 1767-1852
  • Ancestory and Family of Orval Allen Swain, Book I
  • The Swains In America: From 1790 To 1997
  • Little Misery: A Picture of Child Life by Mabel Swartz Withoft
  • Swartz Family Bio, vol. 1 & 2
  • Little Misery (Mabel Swartz Withoft)