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Surnames beginning with "L"

  • Remembrance: the History of a Family (Lance )
  • Lance
  • The Lance Story
  • My Lance Family
  • Our Heritage: Lance 1749–1980
  • Descendants of Abraham Landes of Bucks County, PA
  • Commemorative Record of the Langell Family 1737–1958, vol. 1–2
  • John Larwill : They were Giants in Those Days
  • The Lauffer History: A Genealogical chart of the descendants of Christian Lauffer, the Pioneer, with a few biographical sketches
  • The Lautenschlager Family in Wooster, OH and Franklin Twp, Wayne Co, OH
  • From Lorentz 1747 to Lawrence 1989
  • Lea Families in Caswell & Person Counties North Carolina, and in Virginia Before 1800
  • Report of Research on the Lea Family in Virginia & North Carolina Before 1800
  • All Leatherman Kin History
  • The Alexander Leeper Family History
  • The Alexander Leeper Family History, 1956
  • The Family History of W. Bert & Mabel Lehman : A Nine Generation Genealogy 1768–1991
  • Boomer: Growing up as a Small Town Baby Boomer (by Doc Lehman)
  • Simon Ihrig Lehman and Emily Adeline Speicher : Their Descendants and Ancestors
  • Abraham P. and Elizabeth (Luginbuhl ) Lehman and their Descendants
  • The Lehman Families of Langnau, Switzerland
  • Descendants of Samuel Lightfoot and Rachel Milhous
  • Logsdon-Kelly Families
  • The Longanecker Family History
  • John Conrad Lower, His Ancestry, The Lower and Well Families and Mary Ann (Hamer ) Lower, Her Ancestry, the Hamer, Ernest and Weaver Families
  • Howard Lowry : A Life in Education Services
  • A Journal of the Captivitiy of Jean Lowry and her Children
  • Lozier Family
  • Pinkey Lugenbeel
  • History of the Lybarger Family
  • Lytle Family History
  • Lytle Family