Larry's Barber Styling

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Larry's Barber Styling
Former type Personal and Laundry Services
Industry Other Services
Fate Dissolved
Predecessor(s) Becker's Barber Shop
Successor(s) Bespoke Hair Salon and Barbering
Founded Wooster, Ohio (2001 (2001))
Founder(s) Larry White
Defunct 2012 (2012)
Headquarters Wooster, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 228 S Market St, Wooster, Ohio
Key people Larry White


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Comprehensive History

Larry A. White operated a barber shop at 228 S. Market St. in Wooster, Ohio and owned the property from 2001 until 2012.


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Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers

  • 1854: J. H. Cooper TO Phineas Weed, Lot #51, Vol. 43 p.284
  • 1857: Phineas Weed TO Samuel K. Funk, Lot #51, Vol. 47 p.197
  • 1868: Samuel K. Funk, Nancy Funk TO Jacob Rusth, Margaret Rusth, Lot #51, Vol. 78 p.291, $3,500
  • 1868: Jacob Rusth, Margaret Rusth TO Margaret Heib, Lot #51, Vol. 78 p.292, $500
  • 1872: Margaret Heib TO Jacob Stark, Carrie Stark, Lot #51, Vol. 80 p.605, $800
  • 1891: Jacob Stark, Carrie Stark TO Jennie Foss Schwartz, Lot #51, Vol. 122 p.414, $1,500
  • 1922: Jennie Foss Schwartz, Geoge J. Schwartz (his right of Dower in premises) TO Clyde E. Sidle, Ella M. Sidle, Lot #51, Vol. 192 p.43, $3,500
  • 1937: Clyde E. Sidle, dec'd TO Ella M. Sidle, Lot #51, Vol. 231 p.605-606, Probate Certificate of Transfer, $0
  • 1942: Ella M. Sidle TO Mary Lesko, 21ft off North side of Lot #51 (Survey and sub-division found in Wa. Co. Engineers Records Vol. K p.319), Vol. 249 p.129, ($2.75 conveyance fee)
  • 1946: Ella M. Sidle TO John B. Robison, Miriam A. Robison, 14ft South part of Lot #51, Vol. 263 p.155, ($7.15 conveyance fee)
  • 1950: Mary Lesko TO John L. Stout, Ardes B. Stout, north part Lot #51, Vol. 285 p.526, ($8.80 conveyance fee)
  • 1957: John L. Stout, Ardes B. Stout TO Wade Miller, north part Lot #51, Vol. 347 p.504, ($15.40 conveyance fee)
  • 1960: Wade Miller TO Foster G. Becker, Martha H. Becker, north part Lot #51, Vol. 367 p.538, ($18.70 conveyance fee)
  • 2001: Martha M. Becker (formerly Martha H. Becker), John S. Becker, TO Larry A. White, north part Lot #51, Vol. 340 p.1260, ($110 conveyance fee)
  • 2012: Larry A. White TO Carl D. Steiner, Angela J. Steiner, north part Lot #51, Vol. 727 p.1806, ($200 conveyance fee)


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