Kister Mill

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Kister Mill
Former type Grain Mills; Woolen Mills; Wood Mills; Buhr Mills; Cider Press
Industry Manufacturing
Fate Dissolved
Founded Millbrook, Ohio (1816 (1816))
Founder(s) John Nimmon
Defunct June 1989 (1989-06)
Headquarters Millbrook, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 3596 Kister Rd., Shreve, Ohio
Key people John Nimmon; Elija Vocum; Elija Yocum Jacob A. Kister; Angus Methaven; Angus Methven; Daniel Methaven; Daniel Methven; Roswell McClarran; Guy S.Kister; James Strock; John D. Halloran; Ralph D. Miller
Kister Mill
General information
Town or city Millbrook
Country United States
Designations Wayne County Historical Landmark

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The Kister Mill was built in 1816 by John Nimmon. It is located in Millbrook, Ohio just a mile east of State Route 3 south of Wooster on County Road 34 (Kister Rd.) where it intersects with Route 83, in Plain Township. The mill utilized water power from springs, coming from as far away as Springville, to saw logs into usable lumber boards, to grind grain into flour, to press apples for cider, and weave wool into cloth. By 1976 the Mill was still performing all of this duties except weaving. The Kister Mill was named a National Historical Landmark in 1974. This was the oldest industry in Wayne County still in operation before it was shutdown.

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