Joseph Hart Larwill

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  • Joseph Hart Larwill
  • 12 January 1783
    Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio
  • 20 November 1867
    Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio
  • Nancy Quinby (b.1793–d.1893)

Spelling Variations

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Biographical Sketches

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Census Records

Include citations for Federal, State, and Local censuses. Abstracts may be included.

  • 1820 US Census - Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio - Joseph H. Larwill
  • 1830 US Census - Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio- Joseph H. Larwill
  • 1840 US Census
  • 1850 US Census - Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio - Joseph H. Larwill
  • 1860 US Census - Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio- Joseph Larwill

Places of Residence

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Immigration and Naturalization Records

  • Immigrated with his parents in 1793 and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before relocating to Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, then to Wooster, Ohio.

Court Records

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Tax Records

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Land Records

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Denomination Affiliations

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List any military service of the individual.

  • War of 1812: 1st Lt. in Captain Cushing Company, 2nd U.S. Artillery
    • Pension #1: WO 28656
    • Pension #2: WC 14730


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Community Involvement

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Educational Services

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Awards and Recognition

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