Jacobs Lutheran Church

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Jacobs Lutheran Church
Trinity English Lutheran Church
Location Oil City Road, Franklin Township
Country United States
Denomination Lutheran
Founded 1844
Status In Active


Comprehensive History

Jacobs Lutheran Church was established in 1844 on land donated by Jacob Herman. Remnants of the church foundation are still visible at the cemetery on Oil City Rd. at the junction of East Messner Road. 16 Apr 1844, SE corner of NW Section 35 , Franklin Township, south end of Oil City Rd., west side of the road was deeded to trustees Jonathan Snyder, Jacob Snyder & Adam Geitgey from Jacob Harmon, Wayne County Land Deeds, Vol. 26 Pg. 318. The congregation split due to differences over use of the German or English language during worship. Those who favored English formed Trinity English Lutheran Church. Sources found for this church were; History of Jacobs and Trinity Lutheran Religious / Grantmaking / Civil / Profession and Similar Organizations, Wayne County, Ohio booklet, 1990, (located in the Genealogy Dept. at the Wayne County Public Library), Wipert’s Church Histories of Wayne County, Ohio, page 51, History of Wayne County, Ohio, 1987, page 54, History of Wayne County, Ohio, B.F. Bowen & Co., 1910, Vol. 1, page 254 and Beginnings of Wayne County in 1812, Richard Smith (compiler), page 36.



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