Information Sector Summary

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The information sector of Wayne County’s business landscape covers a variety of businesses: news outlets, telecommunications, data processing, libraries, museums, publishers, movie theaters, and more.

Newspapers have disseminated news among local residents since the early 1800s, with many villages producing their own papers. Current papers include the long-running Daily Record as well as the Wooster Weekly News and the Bargain Hunter.

The first known library in Wooster dates back to 1857 and required a small subscription fee to use the facility. The first "free" public library was started in 1897 and was known as the Wooster Public Library. Funding provided by Andrew Carnegie made it possible for the local library to have its own permanent building dedicated in 1905. Now known as the Wayne County Public Library, the library system has two buildings in Wooster along with branches across the county. Wayne County also has 3 other public libraries: Apple Creek Library, Fredericksburg Community Library, and the Orrville Public Library.

Within the Information category, individuals will find a history on early theaters located in Wooster. Some include: Wallace Theatre, Schine's Wooster Theater, Wayne Theater and 2 Lyric theaters: Lyric Theatre, Lyric Twin Cinema.