Homicides in Wayne County

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Local Homicides

Some Known Murders/Homicides Wayne County, Ohio – 19th Century
Date of Crime Offender Victim Cause
February 1856 Jacob Ambruster Wife
March 1856 Jacob Wile William Anderson Stabbed with dirk
21 March 1877 Jacob Wetzel Wife and son Shot
2 October 1879 John Callahan John Tormie Blow to the head with a cane and billy
5 April 1884 Marshal J. L. Niman William Cowell Blow to the head with a mace
6 March 1885 Robert Dowty John Schaaf Shot
7 January 1887 Frederick Roth Laura Roth, wife Knife

Some Known Murders/Homicides in Surrounding Counties Where the Victim had Ties with Wayne County, Ohio – 19th Century
Date of Crime Place Offender Victim Cause
March 1883 Massillon, Stark Co, OH George Bruner Francis Hunter Shot and blow to head with blunt instrument
25 March 1883 Polk, Ashland Co, OH George Horn and William Gribben Harry Williams Ax
28 September 1885 Mansfield, Richland Co, OH James Winans and John Cromer Clara Melissa Hough Shot

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