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Sheet Maps

The following international sheet maps may be found in our map case in the Genealogy and Local History Department.

  • France - 1830/1831
    • This map shows villages, roads, and geographic features from the early 1800s.
  • Germany - 1805
    • This map shows Germany and Central Europe at the height of the Napoleonic era. It includes the ancient divisions, called "Circles", of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Italy - 1875
    • This map shows the Kingdom of Italy after unification of 1860. It shows many small villages. There is an inset map of Sardinia and Malta.
  • Switzerland - 1794
    • This map is divided into 13 Cantons. It shows cities, towns, large villages, castles, large vineyards, Protestant and Catholic parishes, cart roads and footpaths. Religious and political affiliation of each canton in included in an inset.

In addition to the international maps, we have a 2 sheet set map of Ohio from 1885-1887. The first sheet shows the northern part of Ohio while the 2nd map shows the southern portion of the state. Cincinnati and Hamilton County are shown on an inset on the one sheet map.