Harding & Jones Hardware

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Harding & Jones Hardware
Type Hardware Stores; Sporting Goods Stores
Industry Retail
Fate Acquired by Harding & Jones Hardware
Predecessor(s) Jacobs Hardware Store
Successor(s) Harding Hardware
Founded Wooster, Ohio (1876 (1876))
Founder(s) William A. Harding and W. H. Jones
Headquarters Wooster, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 3-story building just West of Court House, Wooster, Ohio
Key people William A. Harding; W. H. Jones

In 1874, James C. Jacobs sold his well-established hardware store business and the Iron Block Building to Col. Samuel Keefer, of New York city, New York. In 1876, Keefer transferred the hardware store business to William A. Harding and Willard H. Jones, also of New York and they moved to Wooster, Ohio to operate the business.[1]

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