Hammer (surname)

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Hammer (surname)
Ethnicity German
  Württemberg/Altingen, Germany (Magnus Hammer)
Notable members Catharine, Magnus, John, Mary, Mary Catherine, Clementine, and Louis Hammer
Name origin and meaning English, "rock" or "crag"

Name Meaning & Origin

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  • Looking for info re: above Magnus b.1802 d.1897 from Altingen, Germany.
    • Posted: 30 Dec 2008 1:10AM

Magnus had a son John whose daughter was Clementine Rose and she was my grandmother on my father's side. We are from the Canton, Ohio/ Massillon, Ohio area originally. if you want. I have recently found some information on the FamilySearch pilot program on the family. How are we related and what kind of information do you have? I have gone back to Dominikus Hammer and Melchior Walz but I am lacking some dates.

    • Posted: 30 Dec 2008 7:30PM

We are closely related. Clementine married Adam Sonnhalter. My mom is a Hammer. Her father was Louis Hammer, son of John and Mary Oser Hammer. Actually I have the fanukt back pretty far and actually have a picture of Magnus, John and Mary Hammer. Do you have any pictures

    • Posted: 30 Dec 2008 11:44PM

Yes, you have it exactly right--Adam was my grandfather, my father was Joe. I have a few pictures as there was a fire in the 30s and they lost all of their pictures except for a few that are with other relatives. I do have a wonderful picture of Adam and Clementine when they were very young--a copy I got from an uncle. How far back does your information go? I have some handwritten information from someone in the Hammer family that I am working with right now--perhaps it is yours--about 15 sheets on legal sized paper and copies of the death certificates of Louis and Mary Hammer and Johanna Oser.

    • Posted: 11 Jan 2009 8:09PM

I have an informal picture of the Adam and Clementine S. family of all eight kids ~early 1930s, pictures of Adam and Clementine in their 20s, and a picture of Clementine when she was in her 50s. What are you interested in? I would be glad to share. Is your mother A.P. and are you B.N.? I just talked with my Aunt Helen S. and she is good friends with A.P.--said you were doing the Hammer genealogy.

    • Posted: 24 Dec 2008 11:32PM

Magnus Hammer was my great great grandfather--what kind of information are you seeking?

Looking for info re: above. They lived died in West Brookfield, Ohio now Massillon, Ohio and are buried in the St. Barbara's Cemetery (West Brookfield, Ohio. Thanks for your help

    • Edited: 28 Jun 2001 2:14PM

Yes, Jacob Kraft was married to Amelia Sonnhalter. Jacob is the son of John Kraft married to my great great aunt Catharine Hammer. Jacob had 3 brothers and 1 sister. Do you have any pictures of Jacob's parents or grandparents on the Hammer side? Look forward to your response. By the way John Kraft was one of the founding families of St. Barbara's Catholic Church (West Brookfield, Ohio) in West Brookfield, Ohio. I believe they donated some of the land. I don't have much info on Jacob's family could you help me with that? Thanks

    • Edited: 29 Jul 2001 10:26AM

My great-great grandparents are John and Catherine. They had three sons, John(my great-grandfather),Albert, and Joseph. They had a daughter named Mary. Joseph, Albert and John resided in Massillon, Ohio until their deaths. John died in 1930 at the age of 69, Albert (who is buried with his parents) was born in 1872 and died in 1934. I have not found any information on Joseph or Mary yet. John (my great-grandfather) had nine children. Sylvester, Vincent, Austin, Mae, Florence, Helen, Juanita, Bernadette, and I forget the other daughter's name. My grandmother was Helen. She died in 1993 at the age of 98. She married Clifford Seiler who owned a grocery store started by his father, until 1950. They had five children, Ethel Rita, Mary Elizabeth (Busse), Jeanette (Snyder), John, and Shirley Ann (my mom). Please write back I have a lot more information and I would like to know how you are connected!! Beth

    • Edited: 28 Jun 2001 2:14PM

Thanks for responding to my inquiry. Catherine was my great grandfather John's sister. I have been trying to locate all his siblings. Have you looked into the Hammer side yet? I am having trouble locating their sister Mary. Did you know that John Kraft and Magnus Hammer (my great, great grandfather) were some of the founding families of St. Barbara's Catholic Church (Massillon, Ohio) in Massillon, Ohio? I think John Kraft donated some of the land. Do you have any pictures of Catherine Hammer Kraft, or better yet of her parents Magnus Catherine? I was hoping since Catherine (your great great grandmother) was the oldest surviving daughter that maybe she had all the old pictures. I would appreciate any info you can give me on the Kraft side. My mom is still in contact with someone on your side, I'll ask her who.


  • Catharina b. 21 Dec 1806, d. 15 Jun 1879
  • John b. 30 Apr 1849, d. 19 Mar 1906
  • Magnus b. c 1803, d. 10 Aug 1897
  • Mary b. 31 Dec 1852, d. 6 Jul 1925
  • Mary Catherine b. 28 Jul 1876, d. c 1926

Magnus Hammer

  • M, b. circa 1803, d. 10 August 1897

• Magnus Hammer was born circa 1803 in Württemberg. • He married Catharina Walz. • Magnus Hammer became a widower at the 15 June 1879 death of his wife Catharina Walz. • Magnus Hammer died on 10 August 1897 in Stark County, Ohio. • Last Edited: 11 Mar 2011

Family: Catharina Walz b. 21 December 1806, d. 15 June 1879 o John Hammer + b. 30 April 1849, d. 19 March 1906 Catharina Walz F, b. 21 December 1806, d. 15 June 1879 • Catharina Walz was born on 21 December 1806 in Württemberg. • She married Magnus Hammer. • Her husband Magnus Hammer became a widower at her death. • Catharina Walz died on 15 June 1879 at age 72 in Stark County, Ohio. • Last Edited: 11 Mar 2011