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Gerstenslager Company
Formerly called Gerstenslager Buggy Company; Gerstenslager Company; Gerstenslager Truck Body Co.; Weimer and Gerstenslager Co.; Wehe Company (1860)
Type Truck Bodies and Cabs
Industry Manufacturing
Fate Active
Founded Marshallville, Ohio (1860 (1860))
Founder(s) George Gerstenslager
Headquarters Wooster, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 1425 E Bowman St, Wooster, Ohio
Area served Worldwide
Key people George A. Gerstenslager; E. M. Martin
Parent ArtiFlex Manufacturing
Divisions Gerstco Group
Subsidiaries Worthington Industries


City Directories

  • 1928 - Wooster Directory - 572 E. Liberty St. - G. A. Gerstenslager, President; E. M. Martin Secretary-Treasurer p. 111, 216

Comprehensive History

City, If It Tries, Can Get Buggy Plant: Gertsenslager Company of Marshallville' Knocks at Outer Wicket

  • CITY, If it Tries, Can Get Buggy Plant. Gerstenslager Company, of Marshallville' Knocks at Outer Wicket. [1]

The Gerstenslager Buggy company, of Marshallville, O, wants to come to Wooster and it is up to the Board of Trade and citizens of Wooster to meet these men at the outer wicket and usher them in.

Some time ago John C. Schultz, one of the firm comprising the Wooster Hardware Company, wrote to Mr. Gerstenslager at the request of the Wooster Board of Trade.

The LETTER WAS FORGOTTEN and when the matter of making overtures to the Gerstenslager company was again revived, a search disclosed the letter in the possession or on the minutes of the Board. At this time Mr. Schultz was accused of having neglected his part of the matter with reference to making an offer to secure the _______ ______ for Wooster.

We have been ______ to see ____ results of the city's claim against the glass company said Mr. Foss. At present handicapped as the city is for funds there would be no use of trying to raise the sun requested by Mr. Gerstenslager.

MAKE THE BEST BUGGIES The Gerstenslager company manufacture a standard grade of buggies. Their goods are regarded as the best on the market for the price they command. About fifty men are constantly employed by the company. These men are all good mechanics. They command good wages, and are men of intelligence. The business of the factory is constantly on the increase. Today the company is behind its orders. It cannot supply the demand for the Gerstenslager goods with its present facilities.

WANT TO MOVE The Gerstenslager people want to move for several reasons. At Marshallville the shipping facilities are poor. School advantages are regarded as inferior. The factory wants to enlarge Ashland and Orrville, recognizing the advantage of having such a concern are making strenuous efforts to induce the location of the new plant of the company in those towns. Ashland has offered all the Gerstenslager people desire from a city which is to be their future home. Orrville is not losing any time in the matter, and will undoubtedly secure the plant less Wooster becomes alive to the situation.

FAVOR WOOSTER There is one thing that is in favor of Wooster becoming the new location of the plant. The company want to locate in this city. It is their preference. Shipping facilities in Wooster would be satisfactory. The schools are the best and the town is in many ways a desirable place for the factory to locate.

Whenever the company locates with a new factory, the facilities are to be enlarged, an entire new plant will be built and more men will be employed.

A leading business man of the city says the plant would be a GOOD THING FOR WOOSTER "The plant is in every way a ____ It would bring the class of labor that is worth while in any town. From what I have been able to find out, the sum of money asked by the company would just about cover the cost of _____ and ______ to the company incurred by disposing of their individual and company property at Marshallville at a sacrifice.

"If there is even a remote possibility of securing this plant ____ Wooster should be alive to the fact and should push the negotiations to the last hope of success. The plant is not large enough to start a boom in Wooster. But it is one of those desirable accessories which would confer a great benefit to the town and the citizens in general. Looking at the possibilities of securing the plant from the most discouraging point of view ___ ___ ___ the duty of Wooster to make an effort to that end"


Historical documents

  • Wooster Progress (1914)
    • 1914 - Manufacturing

"This company is a recent one in Wooster, the factory being completed and occupied in 1907. The buildings are located on East Liberty Street near the Pennsylvania station. Two additions have been made to the original plant and the factory is now the largest and most up-to-date in Northern Ohio. They manufacture high grade carriages in many styles and patterns. Catalogue sent on request. [2]


  • 1860 - Founded as The Wehe Company in Marshallville, Ohio
  • 1904 - George Gerstenslager assume majority ownership and became The Gerstenslager Company
  • 1907 - Company moved manufacturing locations to downtown Wooster, Ohio
  • 1930 - Relocated manufacturing to current location on E. Bowman Street in Wooster, Ohio to accommodate large special truck body manufacturing
  • 1943 - January 23, The first cargo trailer for the wartime effort was produced. Gerstenslager would go on to produce 41,000 of those units. In addition, Gerstenslager produced 4-wheeler trailers, emergency flood lighting units, and ordnance repair shelter trailers.
  • 1944 - March 15, Gerstenslager President, E. P. Martin and Chief Engineer E. M. Gordon, were presented with Citations of Merit by the Ordnance Department of the United States Army.
  • 1950's - After successful war manufacturing efforts, the company was awarded contracts to build vehicles for US Post Office
  • 1980's - Installed E-coat painting system to expand capabilities to service the automotive industry requirements
  • 1990's Expansion of facilities in Wooster, with added manufacturing capabilities and warehouses
  • 1997 - The Gerstenslager Company was Acquired by Worthington Industries
  • 2000 - Expansion of Stamping and Assembly capability with greenfield site constructed in Clyde, Ohio
  • 2011 - ArtiFlex Manufacturing, LLC founded as joint venture between Worthington Industries and Erin Hoffmann, of International Tooling Solutions
  • 2015 - Installation of new High tonnage stamping presses in Wooster, Ohio to expand capacity


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Newspaper citations with no attached images

  • July 31, 1907: "Dirt Removed from the Site of the New Gerstenslager Buggy Company", Wayne County Democrat.
  • December 16, 1955: "One Heckuva Big Buildings: Visitors Awed By Gerstenslager Co.'s Newest Facility" by Jane Bablack, The Daily Record.
  • April 18, 1967: "Gerstenslager's Last Buggy in Marshallville", The Daily Record, p. 3.
  • July 03, 1968: "Gerstenslager Co. New Presses to Increase Production, Capacity" by Freeman Long, The Daily Record.
  • July 19, 1968: "Wooster—To Native of Wayne County, The Name George Gerstenslager is What the Name Henry Ford is to Detroiters", The Plain Dealer.
  • August 18, 1972: "In Wooster Factories: A series of articles showing changes in manufacturing processes and products in five years: Today; The Gerstenslager Truck Body Co.", The Daily Record.
  • June 09, 1987: "Gerstenslager-Built Wienermobile Back Out on the Road Once Again", The Daily Record.
  • August 22, 1989: "Buggy Donated, to be on Display During Marshallville Historical Days", The Daily Record.


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