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  • Fredericksburg Board of Trade
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  • 1918
  • November 14,2005
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    • Fredericksburg, 44627, Ohio

Comprehensive History

Fredericksburg Is Asking Road

  • Fredericksburg Is Asking Road: But Village Board of Trade is Not Desirous of Taking it From Moreland[1]

Although tremendously desirous of connecting Fredericksburg and Wooster by paved road the enthusiastic workers of the Fredericksburg Board of Trade are not seeking to divert the course of the inter-county road from Moreland through Fredericksburg. In a signed statement, printed below, President Harrison explains that Fredericksburg is perfectly content to have Moreland get a paved road, but that Fredericksburg is also entitled to one. The write says.


It is the desire of the Fredericksburg Board of Trae that the public be clearly informed as to the intent and purpose of their campaign for improved roads, inasmuch as your paper misled the public in the statement in last Friday's issue, which reads as follows, and which is absolutely incorrect.

As stated to your Wayne County Commissioners, the State Highway Advisory Board and to the State Highway Commissioners, the State Highway Advisory Board and tot he State Highway Commissioner, Mr. Taylor, personally, it has never been, nor will it be our intention or object, to deprive the Moreland district of its already located, inter-county road. We have invariably stated our desire to have this improvement completed and at the same time claim that the southeast portion of Wayne County, now without a single fool of improved road, is entitled to an outlet to connect Fredericksburg with Holmesville on the south and Wooster-Apple Creek road on the north.

Our village now has from eight to nine hundred population and a number of thriving industries, as well as a very thrifty element and we feel that we are entitled to road improvements. If the good people of Wooster would wake up to the importance of this project which has been promised us by your County Commissioners they surely would help us boost instead of publishing misleading statements to the detriment of our best efforts.

The Fredericksburg Board of Trade. -- A. P. Harrison, Pres.

Fredericksbu'rg Men Banquet

  • Fredericksb'urg Men Banquet: Ladies of Community and High School Class Prepare and Serves Dinner [2]

One of the most enthusiastic community gatherings ever held in Fredericksburg was the annual meeting. Thursday evening, of the Fredericksburg board of trade over 200 persons participated in the enjoyment and profit of the evening.

Included among those present were the county commissioners and Capt. Redick, clerk of the board, Mr. and Mrs. Miles Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Steinmetz, C. L. Allis of Wooster former county commissioner H. D. Shannon of Orrville, T. C. Hunsicker of Dalton and other guests from the vicinity of Fredericksburg.

To properly inaugurate the evening's festivities, the ladies of Fredericksburg, assisted by the high school domestic science department, prepared and served a Thanksgiving day turkey dinner. There was an abundance of turkey for each guest and there was more than an abundance of the trimmings and delicacies, which the ladies had carefully prepared.

At the close of the dinner, addresses were made by Mr. Hunsicker, the chief speaker of the evening, and by several others, including the county commissioners. The range of subjects discussed was as broad as the number of speakers. The board of trade members desired to have a community gathering and their most ardent desires were fulfilled.

Before the banqueters left the high school auditorium, where the meeting was held, the men very profusely thanked the women and the high school class for their untiring efforts and abundant success with the banquet.

Fredericksburg Dissolves Board of Trade

  • Fredericksburg Dissolves Board of Trade[3]

An 87-year-old tradition passed into history Monday as the council voted unanimously to disband the village Board of Trade.

The board has been formed in 1918 to attract business and industry to the town, but over the years the board's role had changed to become a promoter and facilitator of special events. Board member Connie Herman said the organization had run its course and out of steam, having only five members."

There's just not a lot of participation. It's too much for the five of us to do, and nobody really wanted to take over," Herman said. "We're sad that it's dissolving, but everyone is so busy anymore."

Councilwoman Jan Lemon, another member of the board, said, "We haven't been trying to keep it a secret or spring something on people, and we want to thank the town for supporting us and helping us over the years."

Herman said the Board of Trade has a treasury of more than $30,000, and its members voted to appropriate the money for a number of community projects, the largest of which will be the purchase and installation of playground equipment for the public park, which she says goes largely unused due to its aging and broken equipment.

The Board of Trade account will be used to provide seed money for mowing the park and start-up money for a committee to continue the July 4th festivities, which the Board of Trade has overseen in recent years. That committee will be under the leadership of Mark Lemon.

The village's homecoming, another Board of Trade project, will be taken over by the Fredericksburg Fire Department's Women Auxiliary, Herman said, adding the same group also will help out with food distribution from the holiday season drive. Council voted to take over maintenance and upkeep of the park, on which the village holds a 99-year lease from the First Presbyterian Church, which owns the site. Council said it will take over the park in January and replace the outhouse with a modern portable toilet, remove the sandbox and sell the slide and other equipment, paving the way for installation of the new equipment, which will cost $16,000, in addition to installation costs and landscaping.

In other business, council continued discussion of an emergency preparedness plan stemming from the ice storm in December deciding to create a "master notebook" of resources that could be called upon in the event of a disaster."

Hopefully we'll never, ever have to use it, but it's something we should have," Jan Lemon said.

Solicitor Chris Uhl advised council to consult with Wayne County Office of Emergency Management Agency Director Jon Wise for advice in creating the document. Council scheduled a special meeting for Nov. 29 at 7 p.m. to begin discussion on emergency planning.

Street Superintendent Richard Huebner discussed problems with the condition of various streets and reported 24 loads had been picked up so far this fall. Huebner said no date has yet been set to end leaf pickup."

The last day will be whenever I see we're out (of leaves), Huebner said. Council also discussed problems concerning tree removals and trimming, talking about possible changes in language to an ordinance council passed in 1992. Recently, the village has had problems getting residents to pay their share of half the cost of tree removals. In the past the village acted only on verbal agreements, something that may change.

The board unanimously adopted on second reading a memorandum for deposit of funds with National City Bank. It also unanimously approved the transfer of $1,000 appropriated for land and buildings to the park fund. Council's next regular meeting will be on Dec. 12.

Reporter Paul Locher can reached at (330) 682-2055, Ext 218, or e-mail

Quick Facts

  • 1918 - Established
  • 2005 - November 14,
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