Fredericksburg Academy

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Fredericksburg Academy
Fredericksburg High School Academy
Fredericksburg Academy 0001.jpg
Salt Creek Township
Fredericksburg, Ohio, Wayne County, Ohio, United States
School type Privately organized High & Preparatory School
Opened 1852
Founder Basil C. Smith
Closed 1866
Headteacher Basil C. Smith Founder and professor until his health failed and the school was discontinued in 1866
Key people Basil C. Smith
Enrollment Started with 40 student, at the peak was 150-175 pupils; The school closed during the civil war, but reopened with 80 students.
Alumni Dr. J. H. Todd, Wooster; Capt. James B. Taylor, born 1940 in Fredericksburg, Ohio and was the first attorney here; C. B. Yocum; Grafton Pomerinee; James Sterling; John Sterling; John T. Lytle; Lydia Armstrong; Roby Stucker; Kate Stucker; A. J. Perman; Anna Leeper Strine; Elizabeth Robinson; and Professor J. B. Eberly.

General information
Country United States



Fredericksburg Academy [1] was opened about 1852 by Professor B. C. Smith. He started the school in Fredericksburg with 40 students.[2]  In the 1860 US Census for Fredericksburg, Salt Creek Township, he is listed as the head of the household.  He was 28 years old, born in Ohio, and listed as a school teacher.  Residing with him were 9 students ranging from ages 17 to 23.

With the outbreak in the Civil War, the school had to close down for a period of time.  Smith reopened the school in 1863.  By 1864, the number of students had greatly increased.  Because of health reasons, he resigned as the teacher in 1866.



Historical Documents


  • 1852 - School opened by B. C. Smith
  • 1861 - School temporarily closed due to Civil War
  • 1863 - School reopens
  • 1866 - B. C. Smith resigns as teacher due to illness


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