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According to page 110 of Caldwell's 1873 Atlas of Wayne County, Ohio, the first schoolhouse of Clinton Twp was built in 1817. The primitive schoolhouse was usually 18 feet square, built of logs, had split-logs flooring, and roofed with clapboards. At one end of the structure was a fireplace, and pupils sat on benches with no backs. The early schools were subscription based.

In 1853, the state of Ohio passed legislation to implement the "Free School System". One of the first schoolhouses built under the new law was the Peoples College erected in Plain Twp. Other early schools included Apple Creek Academy, Edinburg Academy, Smithville Academy, Bixlers Business College, Grove Female Institute, and the College of Wooster.

Presently, three colleges exist in Wayne County, Ohio: Wayne College, Ohio State ATI, and the College of Wooster.